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Schiff Mega-D3 with Reservatrol & Red Wine Extract

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A Double-Whammy for your Health!


Everybody's concerned about Vitamin D3 intake these days and of course, we're all hearing alot about how red wine extract aka Resveratrol is supposed to be a real life-extending supplement as well as contributing to helping lower your risk of heart disease (after all the French have better stats than we do in this arena right?). Well, no doubt D3 is one of those vitamins we need and rather than risk skin cancer and leather skin, it probably best we consume it in mega-doses. Unless you live in a place where you are exposed to the sun more often than not, this small pill will give you both an adequate amount of D3 PLUS the resveratrol you need to keep you living long enough to spend the kids potential inheritance. Low doses of D3 don't do you much good, so Schiff is not shortchanging you on this small supplement. And the dose of Resveratrol is decent enough that you won't have to take two pills to extend your life. So take a Schiff Mega D3 with Resveratrol and live long and prosper!

Derry, NH


Schiff Mega-D3 with Reservatrol & Red Wine Extract

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