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Schiff Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerence Therapy

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Does not do what it claims


Sorry to say it did nothing for me. Did not help with my digestion. It seems i had more problems with diarreah than without taking it. Maybe it is just me and my system, but really did not like this product Effectiveness Thought it would help with gas and intestional health but really did not. Ease of Use What can you say, pills are always easy to take, There was no problem with them. Immediacy Did not help one way or the other I was really hoping it would

Bronx, NY


Absolutely a life changer


I became lactose intolerant after several rounds of a strong antibiotic back in 2000.  At first I used the Lactaid pills that you take with each and every meal or snack that contains dairy.  They worked, but there were always those times when we'd be out to dinner and I would order a meal then look for my pill to take when the meal arrived and find out that I'd forgotten to put more in my purse.  Now, I take one Digestive Advantage for Lactose Intolerence every morning and I never have to worry about my lactose intolerence throughout the day.  I even eat ice cream now without any repercussions.  At first, I sometimes still had to take a Lactaid pill with a heavy dairy item after I started on the Digestive Advantage pills, but now I don't need to, the daily pill is enough.  I truly consider this product to be a life changing product.  I eat 3 meals a day, and now that's three times a day that I don't have to plan what I eat around dairy products.  It's not only made my life easier, it's made my family's life easier too.

Longmont, CO


Miracle in a box!


We found out my daughter was Lactose intolerant around the age of two, quickly buying expensive soy milk got old!  Just after her 3rd birthday we found the children's Digestive Advantage Chewable Lactose Pills.  Within the first week she was eating any type or amount of dairy she wanted.  It was amazing!  Within the last year they've discontinued the child's verison and we switched to the "adult" verison, it works just as well!  We couldn't be happier with the results! Disgestive Advantage comes in a box with 32 capsules.  When you start taking it the first two days you you take two pills, after take one pill a day.  You can go up to two pills a day if needed.  That's right no need to take before each meal, one dose works all day. Side affects - My daughter and son have experienced no noticable side affects. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. Active Ingredients - GanedenBC30 and Lactase Enzyme.

Front Royal, VA


Schiff Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerence Therapy

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