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Schick Quattro Energy Razor

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Four blades + comfortable grip + vibrating head = Great shave!


    As a guy with sensitive skin I have tried a lot of razors through the years. I settled for an electric razor until this one came along. I also settled for shaving only about once a week as the irritation was a lessor evil than a little hair on my face. Now I don't have a heavy beard  I was never blessed that way. So I never really worried about shaving as often until now.    I have been using the Schick Quattro for about 6 months now and I wish it had been around years ago. With the nerve damage I have in both arms and arthritis in my hands, I am still able to hold this razor comfortably.    **The Razor    **It has 4 blades and a comfort strip that lubricates the skin helping to produce a nice close shave with out razor burn. Along with a vibrating head that swivels that helps to give a closer shave, the head is powered by a single AAA battery. Two small buttons control the on/off function and are easy to push. The handle is a soft grip material yet not squishy. It is easy to hold onto even in the shower or tub.     **The Bottom Line    **For years I shaved only when I had to, not to look good. Now that I am getting grey I like that I can shave to help me look a little younger.Having sensitive skin prevented me from being able to shave without having razor bumps, but no more. I now shave everyday and I am loving it. Thanks to Schick Quattro I too can enjoy a close comfortable shave!

Vincennes, IN


Schick Quattro Energy Razor - A lot of hype for a decent razor


The Schick Quattro Energy Razor is a good razor.  It is nothing fantastic, "cutting edge" (pardon the pun) or worthy of being called a superior razor to other razors.  What makes it different is the battery that makes it do a little vibration thing while you are shaving.  If you like that sort of thing, then it is a great razor.  However, I do not feel that the vibrating motion makes for a closer shave or anything that they claim it does.  It just feels a little tingly.  Big deal.  However, it is a nice shave with the Schick Quattro Energy Razor - battery or not.  It makes my skin feel smooth and it also has a little moisturizing strip that helps my skin to not break out or get prickly feeling too quickly.  The Schick Quattro Energy Razor is really not worth the extra money for the battery and the vibrating action.  While it is a decent razor, I would not bother paying the extra for features you do not really need to get a good shave.

Audubon, NJ




My experience with this product,was not very pleasant.  The shaver seemed to have jagged edges on the blades themselves. Not a very clean shave.  I understand the concept, however, the shave could have been designed a little better.

Perrysburg, OH


It was cool, but it seemed like the rest of the shavers.


My friend gave me the Schick Quattro Energy  to try out, I was so excited! I thought because of the "energy" i was going to have to shave less, and even get a better shave. Well nothing like that happened, it was like every other shaver, except now it vibrates. The grip is also  not that fabulous it is just par. But I do like the whole four blades thing, "the more the merrier" I say  when it comes to a razor. Another good thing is the noise is not noticeable at all.  I still use it today, because it was like my old shaver, and it will get the job done, just it is nothing special.

Miami, FL


Schick Quattro Energy Razor

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