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Schick Hydro Shaving Cream

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Great Shaving Cream


I always by Schick Hydro Shaving Cream because with coupons you can usually get it really cheap or free. It is a great shaving cream as well. I use it on my legs in the shower and my boyfriend uses it every other day to shave his face. It has a normal shaving cream smell and an average consistency. It leaves my legs feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. It helps to reduce shaving bumps on my legs. My boyfriend swears it is the best shaving cream out there. He doesn't get nearly as many ingrown hairs from using it. He also has very sensitive skin and this helps him not break out and he no longer gets razor burn bumps. His skin is moisturized and baby bum smooth when he is finished shaving. My only complaint is we have had a couple bottles that you can feel there is product left in the can but it won't come out. I would recommend Schick Hydro shaving cream to men and women who have sensitive skin.



Schick Hydro Gel Works, but there are Better Gels


Shaving cream and shaving gel are part of the morning routine for most all men and a good percentage of women. This is why so many take their shaving products and accessories so seriously and often will accept only one of the major name brands. A product these types of picky people might consider is **Schick Hydro Shaving Gel.** **Shaving Gel Facts and Commentary:** Schick Hydro Shaving Gel is a bluish- colored gel that is dispensed as gel and, like other gels, turns to a white foam as it is spread on the skin. The scent is one of light cologne and is good enough not to bother most consumers. Schick Hydro Shaving Gel is a little different from other gels and one difference I noticed immediately is that this product is less thick than other gels. Also, it starts to turn to white foam right after releasing it from the bottle- before being spread. Other gels hold themselves together a little longer. What matters most is, of course, performance, and Schick Hydro Shaving Gel earns respectable grades in this area. I don't find it superior, but it does lubricate the face fairly well to make shaving more comfortable. It doesn't stick to the face quite like other shaving gels, but it still holds in place well enough to make shaving less of a hassle. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Schick Hydro Shaving Gel is a good product, but I must admit that I had higher hopes. As far as I know, this product was Shick's very first shaving gel or cream and with all the product expertise out there, I expected Schick to knock my whiskers off with a superior product. I still find it good, but it isn't my favorite shaving gel and I can think of several I rate more highly.

Houston, TX


Best shave gel!!


I just got it as a trial but I really started liking this schick hydro shave gel. I will definitely say that this is one of the best shave gels in the market. It is much cheaper than the fusion shave gels and is equally best in quality. I usually prefer foam rather than gel since I feel it gives a rich lather. But this schick hydro shave gel gives a rich lather and a great moisturizing effect. AFter using this with shick hydro razors. I have become a huge fan of schick products. I am always angry on Gillette products as they are ridiculously priced. I am always not in favor of monopoly in markets as this may lead to high prices. This was the reason I tried this schick hydro gel but it has so far exceeded my expectations. It gives me great moisturizing feeling and my sensitive skin feels much better when I use this gel. Pros - Best moisturizing effect, rich lather cons- not good marketing and not always available in all the shops  

Rockville, MD


Good stuff


I recieved this can as  part of a gift package containing Shick's hyrdro line. It came with a razor, 4 cartridges and shaving cream. The cream is good, but I think it is comparable to Edge gel. Shaving cream technology has reached its max, and this is as good as it gets, but there are other comparable creams out there. Its great but at the same time is not head over heals above other brands. I would buy it, but if there are other brands significantly cheaper, well then I would have to consider....I am happy how Shick upped its game to compete with Gilette.

Woodland, CA


schick hydro sensitive shave gel gets the job done gently


This is the only Schick shave gel I have tried and I really like it.  I always try to stick to the ones that for sensitive skin because I figure that they are gentler on the skin and will be less drying.  There have also been numerous coupons and promos for this product, so that's why my wife bought it in the first place. It foams up nicely and sticks to my face well.  It gives good, thick coverage.  My razor glides across it smoothly and I get a close, smooth shave.  The scent is light and nice. My face feels like it was treated gently after I'm done shaving.  I don't get any razor burn or over-drying of my skin. I think the new gels perform better than the older creams - they seem less watery and stick to your face better.  I will probably continue to use this Schick shave gel - I've found nothing negative about it.  The price is in line with other products that are similar, so unless it gets pricey, I'll continue to buy and use it.  I would recommend the Schick sensitive shave gel with no reservations.

Goshen, IN


Absolutely not worth the price.


I am typing for my husband who is the one actually reviewing this product:  "I am an avid shaver of my entire head and face every day for 15 years. I have been through many razors and shaving creams and gels in that time. I was given Schick Hydro shaving gel in sensitive version to try by my wife after she got it free with purchase of the Schick Hydro razor. I gave it a shot and was absolutely not impressed with it. The lubricating was nil, the consistency was very thin and just ran down my face and head, I had to use more than double the usual amount of shaving cream. It smelled like normal, average shaving gel. I have resorted to using my wife's shaving cream and letting her use the Schick Hydro up since it was her brilliant idea to try something new in the first place. If this were bargain priced it would be fine,but much cheaper shaving products that are out there do a better job. I would not recommend this product."  

Kenosha, WI


Schick Hydro Shaving Cream

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