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Bug Bites
Scherer Labs
Scherer Labs Chiggerex Plus

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Stop the Itch!


I decided to try this about a year ago and it is truly the best product I've ever used for any kind of itch, whether it be from a redbug, mosquito, fireant, poison ivy...it has never failed to stop the itch. A close friend often has badly itching hands due to nerve endings and says this is the best remedy he has tried. I keep one in my purse, car, kitchen, and both baths.



Great for noseeum bites


My husband really likes Chiggerex Plus Medicated Ointment for his bug bites. Since we live in an area where there are a ton of bugs in the spring and in the summer it is important for us to have some way to deal with the itch. He particullarly likes this one for the no-see-um bites that for him turn into terrible blisters that itch like crazy and will actually keep him awake at night. The best thing of course is no bites at all and we have found that the no-see-ums are more attracted to light then anything else and since they are so small that they can slip in through the house screens this is important to know.  Now we don't have any bright lights near windows that are open in the summer. This has really helped a lot. I have heard that you can buy a special screen for no-see-ums but I haven't found any except for camping tents and I am thinking of tacking on some of that over some of my existing screens for the rooms that I need to have the windows open and the lights on. Anyhow, the Chiggerex Plus Medicated Ointment seems to help, my only complaint is that I wish the company would make an unscented version. It doesn't smell really strong but it does have a perfumey smell and I don't see any reason why other then that some chemist somewhere thought that it should.

Amherst, MA


A soothing ointment that tingles and smells good too!


I got a few chigger bites while on vacation in Indiana and the first stuff I bought was [Equate anti itch cream][1] . It worked well but it was missing something, perhaps just in my mind but regardless I looked for another solution to my itching. I am a magnet for chiggers and mosquitoes but they always seem to find me before I remember to use a repellent.**Chiggerex Plus**This cream is very easy to spread but yet stays where you put it and for chigger and mosquito bites that is a must. Another great addition to this cream is the great scent and tingle it gives after you apply it on your bites. The soothing comes from none other than 5% Benzocaine and as any medication ending in 'caine (novacaine, cocaine....lol just kidding) it has a numbing effect and eases that itch real fast. it is also very creamy and feels good on the skin, this comes from Aloe Vera and Chamomile.The scent is a minty one that is also soothing and not overpowering to the nose. I believe it may be in my head but between the tingle and scent I felt it worked very well for my numerous chigger bites all over my legs, arms and waist.**Bottom Line**I really felt this was one of the best chigger medications I have ever bought and it will be my choice in any future mosquito and chigger battles when they happen. The light minty scent and tingle are just the ticket for fighting those chigger and mosquito bites that we all encounter at one time or another. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Equate-Extra-Strength-Anti-Itch-Cream-review-79e67

Vincennes, IN


Scherer Labs Chiggerex Plus

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