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Sceptre - General Flat Panel HD Television

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Wonderful device for single owners


I bought the Flat screen HD Led 19 inch TV/DVD Combo for my birthday. It is easy to use. The DVDs work fantastic with this TV. The Color is wonderful. Picture Quality Fantastic color like you are at a movie theater watching a movie on a huge screen. The color images are sharp and well defined. The color range are acceptable for the older movies I watch on DVD as well as the newer ones. The images just jump out at you almost like its a 3-D movie of which I haven't tried of yet. Watching Star Trek with Chris Pine was better than the theater version!! Sound Quality It has surround sound which takes a big getting used to. Since I never had it before. The background sound is often too loud so you need to adjust it before putting in the DVD . Would be better if you did not let it auto adjust it since whoever design the sound program must had been deaf compare to my ears! Durability so far its okay Design Fit right up on the shelf above my computer system and is not wobbly or light so no worries about it falling off the shelf. Right now I got a 30 mph wind outside shaking the small trailer home I live in so hard the dishes are rattling in the cabinets. However, the TV is not budging or shaking at all on its stand. It is Firm and solid where I have it. Performance Except for the sound problem it s wonderful to run and watch. Even my therapy dog is watching it when I do so. It interests her. It runs great. It does DVDs great! I been waiting and working hard to get enough gift cards so I could have a color TV again after my other one went out 5 years ago. This one came up on sale within my price range. I never heard of this brand before but I took a chance and got it. I will never regret it! It is wonderful!!




Sceptre - General Flat Panel HD Television

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