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Sceptre E320BV-HD 32 in. LCD TV

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First impressions are good.


It's not the perfect flat screen, but it's nice. I may have not been blown away by the sound as it is definitely an issue, but the visuals are nice and the set up was super easy. They give you everything you need to set it up as well as step by step instructions for everything else you would need. The picture quality is very good as long as you have the correct settings which may take some messing around with. It's a 720 60hz frame rate so it won't blow you away like a 1080p but 720 is still very nice. The sound, is DEFINITELY a huge issue though. The volume at one point had to be blasted to 100 (the highest it can go) at one point because we couldn't hear it well enough. It's a very touchy volume. Sometimes the 6 is good enough when it's dead quiet besides the TV. But if you have someone else in the room talking or there are other distractions going on, then good luck. We will most likely have to buy a sound bar of some sorts for this one. The design is very thin and extremely easy to move it around. It's nice being able to just turn the TV on a swivel to see where cords need to go rather then the way I used to with a box TV. Extremely light as well so no more needing to ask friends over for help trying to just move the TV. It's performance is also very good. We've had no problems and the menu's are extremely easy to read and understand. The sceptre is not a huge name TV, but this is definitely one that if you are on a small budget, it's a good deal. Sound Quality Needs a sound bar and is very erratic when it comes to what settings are good.




Amazing Television


It came as a great price, and the definition is amazing. I use it for watching tv and for playing on my computer and playing video games. Design I like the design of it, it is simple and all of the connections are on one side so it is easier to set up everything that one might need.




Very Nice TV for the Price


This is a very nice TV especially for the price. We ordered this TV online, and we have been very pleased with the picture quality and ease of use. It was very easy to hook up. Much easier than the monster TV we had before. It is extremely light, too which was one of the reasons it was so much easier to hook up. We have hooked our laptop up to the TV several times to watch a show online, and it is very easy to do and the picture quality is great. There are 2 reasons I rate it good versus very good. First, the volume is loud. At night when the house is quiet, the lowest setting still seems too loud sometimes. Also, our first TV stopped working, so they had to send us a new one. The customer service was good, but there was a gap in communication after we had sent in the information to replace the TV. They did send a new TV, and it has been working great. All in all, we have been pleased with this TV.


Lafayette, IN


Good "extra" set


This is a 720 line, 60 Hz machine. Picture is decent, sound good considering the price. I jhave it set up for the basement for when I work out or am in the workshop; for these applications, it's far more than adequate. Good deal for the money. Picture Quality Not real smooth if you're too close, from any distance, it's fine (caveat: I typically watch this without my 1 diopter of nearsightedness correction). Sound Quality better than many more expensive sets. Durability Too soon to give a meaningful answer--no problems to this point, Design Typical; little tough to catch the power button if you don't have the remote--but that's not unusual these days. Performance Does all I want it to--but frankly, my standards are pretty low for what I'm using it for.


Andover, MA


DO NOT BUY - TV died within 30 days!


Was shocked when the screen went out (in a spark) within 30 days. When I went to Google the issue I found many others with the same problem and guess what...NO fix for it. I saw reviews for horrible customer service. Luckily I bought mine from a local retailer who has a great return policy and was able to get my money back without the box (I had moved and thrown it away accidentally). Otherwise, I would have been out of luck. I was able to exchange and get a different brand. I would have thought that it was just me, but after reading horrible comment after comment I realized that it was this model, and that the company itself was not willing to fix the issue. Picture Quality The picture worked great until the TV died! Sound Quality The sound quality was also great until the TV completely quit working. Durability Durability was not at all what I would expect of this TV to last (3-5 years on the low end of the spectrum), less than 30 days before it died. Design The design was nothing special, but like most other flat screen tvs that are popular today. Performance Was very pleased with the performance until the TV died.


Richmond, KY


love it


easy to use Picture Quality has good clear picture Sound Quality sound quality is good, Performance performs well, comes right on when it is turned on, not like some that take forever to warm up. Really like everything about this tv. If I had to purchase another TV, I would seriously consider purchasing another one from this company. Picture is very good and clear and sound is perfect.


Brooksville, FL


Sceptre E320BV-HD 32 in. LCD TV

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