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Scentsy Sugar Room Spray

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The best room spray!


This product is great for home, work or even in the your car! It is great for covering up those nasty unwanted smells that nobody wants lingering around. I love putting this in my washroom and it is discreet, small, and you only need 1-2 sprays at most for a huge room. The scents are long lasting and smell great even with the toughest of odours.

Ontario, Canada


A scent that lasts


Scentsy sprays are very potent and can be used on many items. The Sugar scent fills up your room with a yummy scent and can also be sprayed on carpets, furniture, gym bags, bedding and anything else that you can think of. I've never encountered any staining from the product. The Sugar scent is not overpowering and appeals to the men in your house as well. I recommend it!



Strong but WONDERFUL!


I work in an office that assists families of all types. Sometimes people come in and leave a not so pleasant odor. I have the scent - white tea and cactus - AMAZING! I have JUST recently become a consultant for Scentsy but ONLY because I believe so strongly in their products and want to share this with everyone I can.

Granbury, TX


Quick way to make a home smell wonderful


Scentsy Sprays are very strong. You do have to be careful not to get the spray on items as it can cause damage to wood or fabric. The scents last a long time and the bottles will last you a long time. I like you how can get the sprays in all the available scents. That give you about 80 to chose from at any given time. I like the Christmas Scent called Festival of Trees. We have a fake Christmas Tree and I like to spray the tree to make it smell real ( I do not get it on the lights or decorations)

Bowdoin, ME


burns eyes when sprayed


im a first time user so i tried the room sprays and plug ins.when u spray the mist coming down tends to burn if u get it in your eye.I like the psw but could be easily tipped over by small children causing hot wax to spill.I don't think the bars last long.plus it wasn't packed right ,shit everywhere.Oh i forgot i used the room spray in my car.I know it says not to but i did and it took the leather right off my dash board.STRONG!!!!

Lexington, KY


Scentsy Sugar Room Spray

4.0 5