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Beautiful photos, well-written descriptions of destinations


My husband and I love to travel, and we're always on the lookout for interesting places to go. But the time we have to devote to it means we need to choose our destinations carefully. That can be a bit tough if we've never been there before. One of our favorite Web sites to visit when we're making our travel decisions is ScenicUSA.net. This site is run by Ben Prepelka, who lives in Florida; he and his wife Terri, are seasoned travelers as well as excellent photographers. Now into its third year, ScenicUSA.net features a Photo of the Day 365 days a year complete with a well-written description of the destination. Categories range from mountain views to lighthouses to scenic byways to waterfalls, and an archives section for each allows visitors to see previously showcased photos. Many of the featured photos were taken by Ben or Terri, but he also receives contributions from photographers around the country (and in the interest of full disclosure, several of them taken by me and my husband, Jack, have been among them). Of course, it's nice to see the beautiful scenes; but the most important part of this site is the information, complete with links to related sites, that lets visitors learn more about the property and make sound decisions on whether or not they'd like to go there. We've bookmarked the site, of course, and don't miss a single day unless we're on the road without computer access -- which happens rarely since most motels offer WiFi these days. On several occasions, we've chosen a travel destination based on what we saw here; but since free time limits us to a relatively small geographic area, we have another good reason to visit -- simply to look at the beautiful photos!  

Niles, OH



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