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Scandinavian Romantik Mattress

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The Best Affordable Memory Foam you can buy!


Just purchased a King Size Scandinavian Romatik Memory Foam Bed in April.  We owned our innerspring mattress for over 11 years.  I was recently diagnosed with severe subluxation degeneration and the chiropractor recommended we purchase a new bed to help alleviate my back problems.  We did our research after agreeing to eliminate innersprings altogether and just try the memory foams and other forms of beds.  No air beds or other bed styles could match the feeling of laying on the Memory Foam for the first time - the foam evenly distributed my weight and took the presssure off my spine immediately!  Compared to other beds of this type, the Scandinavian brand was by far the most affordable while still giving supreme quality.  With the money we saved by choosing this brand, we were even able to upgrade to a king size (to accomodate our kids that always end up in our bed!) and still be within our budget!  The mattress we choose even had a "pillow top" style to it and felt supremely luxurious!  I am a heavier woman and worried about leaving "indentions" in the foam, but every morning after a few minutes you can't even tell where I've been laying in the bed!  It is absolutely amazing that you can't feel your partner's movements once you are in the bed.  My husband and i are on completely different schedules and I can never tell when he gets up in the middle of the night to go to work, or when he's coming to bed after a late shift!  This bed has done such wonders to my back problems I am no longer in therapy, and I am sleeping deeper and more comfortably than I ever have in my life!  Scandinavian is the absolute best memory foam brand out there in durability and affordability!

Millington, TN


Scandinavian Romantik Mattress

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