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Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
Satinique Color Capture Shampoo

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Saves me time and money my semi-permanent color lasts longer


Satinique makes Capture Color Shampoo and conditioner.  I had switched semi-permanent hair coloring because my original brand that was supposed to wash out in about 8 to 10 washinhgs was not lasting nearly that long.  I switched to a more expensive brand and it seemed to last much longer.  Then I realized I had also switched to the Satinique shampoo.  So to complete the experiment. I switched to another regular shampoo and found the color washed out just as quickly. Just to make sure, I went back to my old and less expensive coloring and the Satinique shampoo and found that it did indeed last longer too.  It was not the coloring, but the shampoo that made it last longer.   I even considered the cost of the shampoo versus the cost of the coloring, but I have to buy shampoo anyway, so if it makes the color last longing it saves me a lot of money on the hair coloring and the time applying it.  It has the advantage of not being tested on animals.




Satinique Color Capture Shampoo

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