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Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume

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Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume is awesome!


Covet Perfume, by Sarah Jessica Parker, is a very sophisticated smelling perfume that is sure to catch other's attention.  Every time I wear it, I get several compliments.  It smells very feminine and fresh, which makes me feel good about myself when I wear it.  The smell lasts for a while, but it does seem to fade rather quickly in comparison to other perfumes.  The bottle is very attractive, with a cute, feminine flower cap. The bottle combined with the fancy box alone would make this a lovely gift for a friend.  The scent is delightful, but not too strong, perfect for wearing around others.  One downside to the perfume bottle is that the cap comes on and off too easily and is easy to lose.  There are many different scents that you can pick up of this perfume, each in a different color.  This perfume is rather expensive, but I feel it is worth the price as the perfume is good quality and smells great!


Bloomington, IN


Sarah Jessica Parker COVET is one of my favorite perfume


This is one of my favorite perfume so far. I usually prefer using cologne for daily use until I've found the COVET by accident while I was walking around the mall, killing time waiting for my boyfriend (seriously). I was walking pass the shelves and the scent of the COVET just stopped me. There were another products to try on too but I felt in love with the COVET right away!! The sweet, sexy and elegant smell are wonderful, very very feminine. I'm not a girly girl type but the COVET from Sarah Jessica Parker makes me feel like a woman and " **I've got a compliment every times I'm wearing it, even from my boyfriend and it last all day."**  I wear it in the morning, go grocery shopping, cooking, playing with my dog and the end of the day I still scent it. Isn't that amazing?  And the perfect weapon is the price. It cost as much as almost the same price of most of cologne in my closet maybe even less!! I'm definitely recommend the COVET to everyone who want to feels and be treated like a woman.  


Summit, NJ


light, wonderful smelling perfume


After years of wearing Glow by J Lo I was ready for a change.  A fellow playgroup mom was wearing Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet and I thought it smelled great!  It had  a high price tag so I was leary to make the switch.  I happened upon it at Marshalls for a great discounted price. I snagged it up and was glad I did.  It is such a refreshing change.  It is light, floral without being overpowering.  I have had compliments on the smell and my husband is loving the new smell!  I have a sister who is pregnant and very sensitive to smell.  She said most perfumes make her feel ill, but this one was light enough for her to even enjoy.  I have even been told it smells like fresh, clean laundry! Overall love this perfume and am anxious to smell her other perfumes. This perfume is great for a night out with the husband, or around the house just taking care of the kids.  Makes me feel a bit sexy even for a busy mom!


Indianapolis, IN


Wish it stayed on me longer


My kiddo's remembered that Mommy wanted to try the new fragrance called **Covet **by Sarah Jessica Parker and actually got it for me for Mother's Day (with the help of my boyfriend)!  Wow, do I have great kids or what?  They actually listened to me and remembered a remark that I made months ago!!!  Hmmmm. This may cause me to rethink things... I've used **Covet **for a few days now and I really like the way that it smells.  It's very feminine and that's what I love!!  This particular scent doesn't seem to stay on me all day (neither did Sarah Jessica Parker's other fragrance - Lovely).  Darn it!  *About this fragrance:* **Covet **was launched in 2007, it has top notes of wet greens, geranium leaves, Sicilian lemon, lavender and chocolate; a heart of honeysuckle, magnolia and muget, and a base of musk, vetiver, bois de cashmere, teakwood and amber. Even though the fragrance doesn't stay (fades) on me all day, I still love the scent of it!


Houston, TX


Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume

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