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Saputo Inc. Frigo Cheese Heads

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Dark Spots


Usually a good product... But the last few times I've gotten the multipacks there have been dark spots on my sticks that appear to be some kind of mold. I'm not sure about the quality of this company's cheese sticks anymore. Will probably look to other brands. It's a shame.



Its the best way to be stringy


I love Frigo cheese heads string cheese.  Its moist and actually pulls off into strings.  I've eaten other varieties of string cheese, but they didn't have my desire of stringiness.  My cats even mistake the string cheese for yarn and try to play with it.  *of course, it probably has more to do with the smell of cheese*  The cheese is packaged individually and is easy to open.  I take them to work and they make for a quick tide me over until lunch.    Its easy on the stomach and the taste is perfect.

Norman, OK


Delicious, Afforadable, and Fresh!


My kids go nuts over string cheese, so I'm a bit of an expert. This cheese lasts so long in the fridge, often offers coupons, has large quantities in the packages, and very kid-friendly packaging. Did I mention it was tasty?

Burleson, TX


Frigo Cheeseheads - the best sting cheese, period.


I am a low carb dieter, so my string cheese is a daily staple in my diet. Ive tried all the different brands of string cheese, and this kind is by far the best. I won't buy any other! The cheese tastes great, and the strings peel off really easily. Definatly worth going the extra step to buy this brand over any others!

Erie, PA


The best cheese stick I havve had in years.


***I would have to say that this particular cheese stick is the best cheese stick I have had in years. I know that it is not that good to eat but I limit myself to one a day but I always have a craving for more.If I could tell somebody that was coming in to my town from a different state and asked that I  recomended a quick snack the first thing that would pop into my head would me Frigo Cheese Heads. I really enjoy having these in my fridge for when I want a quick easy snack. Another thing I really enjoy is going to the market and being able to find a big pack easy and fast.***

Orange, CA


Frigo cheese heads string cheese 24 pack


We recently bought a package of the Frigo Cheese Heads 24 pack and about a week after we bought them, we noticed that each of the cheese stick packages were ballooned with air and some of the cheese sticks had black spots on them and they also have a funny taste to them.  I have called and left a message with the company and currently awaiting a call back.  In the past we have always bought this brand and never experienced this problem in the past, don't know what happened to them recently.

Schenectady, NY


The best I ever had!


Frigo Cheeseheads 24 pack.  I have been purchasing 2 to 4 bags of cheesheades every week for almost a year now,  whenever I could find them stocked in the store.  I live in Maryland and there are not a lot of stores here that carry cheeseheads.  I shop at Walmart on a weekly basis in Capital Plaza, Prince Georges County, Maryland.  I have been complaining to the employees there because they would always run out of my favorite daily food, FRIGO CHEESHEADS BUYS SAPUTO.  I have been eating Frigo Cheeseheads on a daily basis since I discovered them for my six year old grand daughter and a two year old that I babysit.  I purchased 4 bags of the 24 count about a week before Christmas at Walmart and to my dismay, they tasted different.  Did you change the process or am I losing my mind.  My grand daughter noticed the difference, also.  I know she did because whenever I tried to give her and the 2 year old other brands of cheese sticks they would not eat them.  They dislike all other brands and so do I.   I know I can't fool them.  All of the other brands I tried and I tried them all ( because cheeseheads have been are so hard to find), taste like processed chesse.  Like processed american cheese.  Government cheese tasts better.   The lot I purchased from Walmart   0  4171623221  7  best if used by march0509 seem to taste different.   I know*  I am not crazy.  Has the process been changed?  If so I will be so disappointed.  I am going to Food Lion tommorrow to see if they have any in stock to see if they taste any better.  Food Lion's are not as fresh and Walmart.  Shopper's is the other store that has carried them and the Cheeseheads are never fresh there.  Please telll me you have not taken the string out of the string cheese.  I would just have a depressed fit.  Frigo cheeseheads  are so firm and tasteful.  I am a big kid.  I love pulling the strings out.  I eat them everday and I immediately go out to buy more when I run out.  I still have about 12 sticks left out of the last purchase and that never happens.  Thanks* *I had to go over my typos, sorry about the errors.  I hope I didn't make too many this time.*   *I LOVE FRIGO CHEESHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BY SAPUTO*

Upper Marlboro, MD


Saputo Inc. Frigo Cheese Heads

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