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Sanyo - inch 1080p LCD HDTV

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great product


this is such a great product!! I love it!! they offe alot of options and it has such a great picture while watching tv or movies.. you definitely won't miss a whole lot with the options this gives you. the size it great also since you definitely don't have to sit vey close to see it. I would recommend and buy this again.. It is even so great to play video games on also.. my family loves it so much. can't wait to get me another on for my room and enjoy watching some of my show by myself!!!!it kind of makes you feel like you are at a movie theater since it is so big. but the tv is something where size does matter.. can't wait to recommend to other family members also!!



Great T.V.


We looked on line and through the sale ads for the most t.v. for the least amount of money. This Sanyo is the one we brought home. It's been a great t.v. and one thing that suprised me is how easy it is to hook up. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, the channels were programmed and we were watching t.v. We weren't sure if we should go with plasma and from what everyone told us, plasma t.v.s don't last and are not worth the money. Another great feature is that this doesn't use near as much electricity as a plasma. We can hook our computer to it too but we haven't tried that yet. We live in a rural area and bought a simple antenna and now get several channels that weren't available to us before. The pictures great, the sound is fine and I just love watching movies on it. We're always the last ones on the block to get the newest so we were somewhat intimidated when making this purchase. We have been more then happy and highly recommend this t.v.

Edgewood, NM


Sanyo - inch 1080p LCD HDTV

5.0 2