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Sanyo eneloop Compact Battery Charger GESMDR02TG3U

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Sanyo eneloop Compact-Charger w-2 AA


I love this rechargeable battery Battery charger, it's realiable but takes six hours to fully charge your AA or AAA NIMH batteries, I have always loved the Sanyo alkaline batteries so I thought that I would trust and like this charger and as it turns out I do like the charger I am happy with my purchase of this charger, it will charge both AA and AAA at the same time and has upper and lower contacts to charge these batteries unlike some brands you can not charge both at the same time nor just two and some chargers say they will charge AAA but do not charge those batteries at all, this charger is light but solidly well built seems tough enough to stand up to rough handling and use and there are no cords to trip over as it just plugs into the wall outlet and it's out of the way and has a light to tell you it's charging and one for it's ready light which signals it is done, so you can't overcharge your batteries or forget they are being charged as the lights are big enough to see and serves as a reminder that your batteries are on charge, wish that I had bought this charger sooner but since I have purchased a mini mouse and use AAA batteries thsi product was needed and I am very happy I did, my husband is even jealous of this charger now as his says it will charge AAA but does not so we have found, he now wants his own Sanyo charger, as he likes it too. And when not in use it is easy to store and the plug just folds away into the unit with a simple push into the recessed area on the rear of the charger with no cords attached, nothing to lose no hassles with cords, just plug and charge, very easy. Even though it takes six hours to charge a long charge is actually better than a quick charge as I heard that long charges give you full charges which are better and the quick charges are short but not fully charged. Sanyo has been around for years so this product is not junk and has a one full year guarantee. When I saw this product there was no hesitation to buy it, I was actually excited when I saw it. I will also be purchasing Sanyo batteries as I really like them too.


Rosamond, CA


It doesn't get any better


Up until the Eneloops, I'd been using no-name brand rechargables because I figured they were all the same. Eneloops amazed me, through and through. Not only did they come pre-charged, but they hold the charge! Way too often I get stuck recharging batteries before I know I need them, but with Eneloops, they hold their charge. It sounds simple, but it's just sadly not the norm. After I got a pack of Eneloops, I'd never buy any other recharagble batteries from anyone else ever again. They're that good. The 1200 mA rating is more than enough to compete with alkaline disposables. I keep 2 spare sets for my digital camera because that sucker eats batteries quickly. it's also just a nice looking battery. The white theme is very clean and simple. It doesn't try to be some advertisement or flurry of tech bs. It does what it needs to do and it does it marvelously. I've gotten many people to switch to them and they all agree with me. It's the best you can get.


Los Angeles, CA


Sanyo Eneloop: The Ultimate Rechargeables.


Rechargeable batteries are costly and have a reputation of being short-lived. I have tested numerous over the years, from Duracell to Energizer, and while these brands do last, it depends heavily on the device. For example, a remote control is excellent for these types of batteries, but higher-end devices like video game controllers and digital cameras, never hold the charge for an exceptable amount of time. Sanyo seems to be aware of these complaints and developed the superb Eneloop batteries. These rechargeables have been designed to discharge slowly over time instead of constantly losing its charge like the aforementioned brands. This makes a huge difference in how these batteries function, and they're, therefore, perfect for demanding electronic devices. In addition, these batteries always come pre-charged, so they're ready to work the second they're unpacked. Sanyo has finally developed the kind of rechargeable batteries that customers have been waiting for, and anyone looking to save money and get the most out of their rechargeables would be advised to give Eneloops a try.


Burlington, MA


Great set of batteries and charger!


These are great rechargable batteries. I've used these for almost a year now and going strong. They're in my little flashlight that I use pretty often, probably about an hour or so a week on average and I still haven't replaced them. I have more eneloop batteries that I cycle through other peripherals and they charge super fast! Make sure you fully discharge the batteries before you recharge though or you'll lose more battery capacity over time! I also have a special version of these with different battery molds. Basically the battery itself is a AA battery, but one of the packages also have a C or D battery mold that you can attach AA batteries in so they can in a way be C or D batteries as well. Again I've used those C or D battery molds on flashlights and they work well. Obviously they will not last as long as a regular C or D with more juice capacity, but it's nice to have if you don't want to buy the more expensive C or D batteries. And they're rechargeable!


Sacramento, CA


hope it keeps its charge


It is a pain to keep on changing batteries. I thought to myself what is the point of purchasing rechargeables when I have to keep on recharging them over and over again. It seemed self-defeating and I do not understand the point of rechargeable batteries over standard batteries if this was the case. I did some research because my rechargeable batteries would die out on me with very minimal use. I ran into these sanyo rechargeable batteries and gave them a try since they claimed that they were highly efficient and do not lose their charge over time. It was exactly what those looking for. I cannot say with certainty that it will keep his charge because I am not yet at the one-year mark, but so far it has held his charge quite well and I really hope that it doesn't decrease over time or as these batteries will have been wasted. The quality of these batteries does seem very good.


Tustin, CA


They really last long!


I was skeptical at first because I have used rechargable batteries before but they never lasted. I have had these for a couple months now and I am so pleased. I bough a new digital camera and I only could take a few pictures before the regular alkaline batteries died. I found these and learned that with hi tech stuff NiMH is the way to go. These batteries do not take long to charge and they last a very long time in my camera. Worth every cent.


Clifton Park, NY


Eneloop batteries


Sanyo's eneloop rechargeable batteries are a great buy that will pay for itself. If you purchase non rechargeable batteries you will spend money on batteries that cannot be used again. The electricity spent on the outlet charging the batteries is far less than the amount you would spend on whole new batteries. The selling point of the Sanyo eneloop batteries is that they have a special technology that allows them to remain strong even after a year's amount of use. Other rechargeable batteries tend to fade in battery power, sometimes requiring frequent charges after a lot of use. I am not at that point yet as I have only been using my eneloop for four or so months so far. But, based on the reviews I think the batteries should last for a while.


La Crescenta, CA


Satisfied buyer


the Sanyo eneloop compact charger with batteries is a great way to save on batteries. Instead of buying batteries over and over, why not just use a charger set? Problem is that most recharging kits drain really fast or go empty after a year or so with use. The Sanyo eneloop minimizes that problem. NiMH hybrid batteries are fantastic for certain applications. While the overall capacity is lower than average, the eneloop batteries hold their charge much better. This makes them perfect choices for applications where the draw on the batteries isn't significant. These are really good for things like mp3 players, flashlights, led lighting that kind of thing. They are decently priced and I do not consider them expensive at all. I am happy with my Sanyo batteries.


La Jolla, CA


Got these long-lasting batteries and charger for parents


My parents have a bad inclination towards rechargeable because in their era, rechargeable meant "low energy." Batteries would self-discharge quickly, and they didn't store as much power as alkalines. Who wants to deal with continually having to recharge batteries, especially if it's in mission-critical applications (or at least convenient ones, like a garage door opener or remote control)? Enter eneloop, a Japanese-made low-self-discharge battery made by Sanyo. The charger could not be more simple. Once it's done charging, it will let you know via the green light. Unlike normal batteries, which can be half-uncharged by the time you pull them out of the drawer after a year, eneloops retain 80% of their charge or more after one year. I use these everywhere: remote controls, my phone, my camera, etc. because they are reliable, hold a decent amount of power (1900 mAh for the new models that can recharge 2000 times, or 2000 mAh for the old-style Eneloops that can recharge 1500 times), and because it saves me money in the long run. Rechargeables are also MUCH MUCH better for the environment, because it takes something like 50 times as much electricity to put into an alkaline battery as you are likely to get out of it. Yes, 50 times. That's 2% efficient transfer from electricity to alkalines. So forget them, go with Eneloop NiMH rechargeables. You won't regret it!


San Francisco, CA


Sanyo Eneloop batteries are the best rechargable batteries EVER


I bought my Sanyo Eneloop batteries to replace an old set of Energizer recharables that I was moderately satisfied with. The old batteries, like most rechargable batteries, suffered from two common annoyances. First, the batteries lose charge over time, regardless of whether you are using them all all. This can be sometimes as high as 10% of the overall charge per day. The second problem is a decrease in the ability to hold a charge over time. Eventually, the devices I used the batteries in would indicate the batteries needed to be replaced as soon as I put them in. After a decent amount of research and reading reviews, I settled on the Sanyo Eneloop batteries, which seem to have solved both of these problems. The batteries are available to use as soon as you take them out of the package, even though they've been sitting around for weeks waiting for you to buy them. Also, the batteries measure their lifetime over more than 1000 charges, which is significantly more than the comparable Energizer or Duracel batteries promise. I'll never go back to other rechargable batteries. Sanyo Eneloops are the real deal!


Sparta, NJ


Sanyo eneloop Compact Battery Charger GESMDR02TG3U

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