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Sanyo - VPC-S1285 Digital Camera

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I like my Sanyo camera but the CD-ROM manual is hard to use.


This is my first digital camera.  I like the compact size and the ability to store, edit, and erase images.   I am not familiar with the technology, and it takes time to figure out even the basic operations.  The instructions on inserting batteries are nonexistent, and there are no markings on the camera to assist in inserting them correctly.  I finally got it right by trial and error.  Unfortunately the instruction manual comes on a CD-ROM so I either have to print out 40+ pages or sit at my computer to figure out the camera's features.  I have compromised by printing a few key pages.  With a little practice the settings are fairly easy to figure out.  The camera does not have much internal memory so I purchased a 2 gb memory card which inserted easily.   This is a good first camera but I think I will research future purchases and try to get to a retailer where I can actually try out the features and learn more before I buy.    Image Quality I don't have anything with which to compare the images this camera produces but they are at least as good as my old 35mm film camera and a lot more convenient. Performance The battery life is somewhat short. I always have to keep a spare pair charged because the batteries will simply die with little or no warning. This is a camera for the casual photographer. It does not perform well in low light indoors and does not perform at all in low light outdoor settings. Ease of Use I still haven't figured out how to make the camera settings work for me. I either guess at it or run upstairs to the computer to read the directions off the CDROM. Durability I haven't broken anything on it yet but I don't use it very much or travel with it so perhaps it isn't a fair test of durability. Portability This camera is quite compact and fits easily in my mid-sized purse.


Loyall, KY


I love this camera!


I just bought this camera recently,but i fell in love with it right away. It's easy to use and a lot of fun. It takes great pictures.I used to have a kodak easy share but this camera is so much better.If you are looking for a camera this is the one to buy. My kids love it to because it's so easy to use.


Cleveland, OH


The Sanyo VPC-S1285 Digital Camera is magnificent!


The Sanyo VPC-S1285 Digital Camera is a wonderful piece of equipment. The camera features a variety of options, most of which are common amongst all digital cameras but also a physical feature that is seldom found in cameras today. The Sanyo VPC-S1285 has a reflective frame to use when taking self portraits or family photographs in which a timer is used, which makes taking the photographs so much simpler when compared to the guess work you would be doing without it. Of course this isn't the only thing that makes the camera wonderful. The camera also features an easy to navigate interface which makes changing settings around to fit the criteria you need for your photograph each and every time. This piece of equipment is great for both new and experienced photographers. It is important to note the only issues with such a piece of equipment as well. Like most if not all point and shoot cameras you lack the ability to change camera lenses and so you depth perception in some photographs can be very limited and won't always render the same effect that a camera that can use lenses can make when equipped with the proper lens. So as with all things practice makes perfect so experimentation is key.


Aiken, SC


Sanyo - VPC-S1285 Digital Camera

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