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Sanyo - VPC S1275 Digital Camera

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  This small, pocked-sized digital camera was purchased for me by my mother for Christmas.  She admittedly doesn't know anything about cameras and because she got it for me, I refused to take it back, although by what follows you may wonder why.  For professional pics, I have a Cannon, but my mom knew I had been wanting a small, digital, put-in-your-purse-to-use anytime camera. I love my mom too much to take it back and trade in for something else and I do think for the little pictures that I want to take at family gatherings, picnics, among countless of other things; this camera will serve my needs. And besides, as a I stated previously, I have a professional Cannon.  First I should state clearly that I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy.  I have had numerous computers, have a laptop right now, work with a variety of software programs, communicate in a variety of means.....you get the point, but as soon as I opened the packaging on this product, I begin looking for something that was not present: Clear, Precise, Directions.  I don't think it's too much to ask - when securing a new product - to expect directions - directions of any kind.  After all, I might be able to figure something out on my own - with enough time - but in this day and age, who has all the time?!?  Enclosed was a HUGE, GIANT sheet that resembled an elementary wall map with about every language you could hope to find.  And because all these languages are depicted on what is considered the "direction" sheet, the directions provided in English, are minute.  The directions provide you with a roadmap of the basic function keys with respective lines to what they are named, but the explanation for each is missing!   I am thankful at this point that the camera is mostly automatic, since I lack the information needed to access other features that it alludes to.  Sadly, in the haste of little kids ripping Christmas paper, throwing bows, and toys scattered, when it came to clean up my box was pitched, so I couldn't have returned it had I wanted. At minimum I wanted it for the warranty.  Let's just hope nothing happens to it.  After spending a considerable amount of time playing around with the camera - trying to decipher and locate the various features this camera has - running across a few by accident - but not being able to set it (I always hit the wrong button when I do find something and the camera exits leaving me to start all over again) - so, sadly after going through this repeatedly trying to at a minimum set the date for my pics to depict that date, I did the only thing I knew to do: return the store in which it was purchased an access somebody to help me.  The return-dept was going to send me back to the camera section (WalMart), but since I didn't have my box (there's that darn box coming up again that I needed), the return department clerk couldn't allow me to go back to that section (possibly asking their paid employees something that my mom didn't pay for since I had no proof that the camera came from them, which it did).  In realizing she simply following instructions, and since she felt sorry for me, she looked at my camera and knowing a little about hers, began looking at mine.  She said some aspects were similar to hers as she flipped through the various features.  She did show me one button that was NOT covered or explained in any way in the tiny, tiny section of the camera's directions.  It was a feature in which two buttons were created within one, and learning that helped did help. Since people were mounting up behind me - waiting their turn to return items (I did wait about a week after Christmas before I took this item back for some explanation or help in using it), she wasn't able to spend any more time with me.  She said "play around with it" and you'll learn in no time what features the camera has - how to access them - how to change them - cancel them - set the date - among a host of other things.  Since that visit I have "played around with it", but I can't report being any closer to knowing how to use this camera than the day I opened it in the hurried of frenzy that is oh so familiar with little ones.  I still don't know how to set the date - a nice feature to have on every print - but one that many never be on mine; I still don't know what features this camera has on it, just in case I'd like to access one or implement one.  In fact there is more about this camera that I don't know than what I do know.  If this was to be my only camera, there is NO WAY.  I wouldn't recommend it.  Not only is it difficult to figure out because of the lacking of directions, but the zoom is now powerful now, and I've noticed that some pictures -- even though there is automatic flash (a feature I like), it is not effective as other cameras I've used.  I took a picture the other day - outside - it was a little overcast - snow on the ground -  the but a picture that should not have required flash, but the camera determined otherwise.  For some reason the pic came out dark -- anyone looking at it would think the picture was taken close to the end of the day.  Soooo..... my concluding comments: Not Impressed!  I will use it and treasure because my mom got it for me, but there are MANY more cameras out there that you will find for the same money that do a much better job.  


Woodsfield, OH


Sanyo - VPC S1275 Digital Camera

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