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Sanyo - VPC-S1085 Digital Camera

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Pictures are dark


I bought this camera for everyday use. The pixels are good but the flash isnt. If you take a picture of a person inside, theyre lit up but the background is really dark. Alright for outdoor use though.


Nashville, TN


A Great Little Camera! Would Recommend to Anyone!


This camera is an awesome little camera! I chose it because of the value, and because of the color as shallow as that may sound lol. But when I looked at the ten different cameras in the same price range this was the best and the cheapest of them all... It had the most Megapixels and the best value. Then I got it home, and started taking pictures, the photos turned out great! It took high quality pictures, so then I was excited to use the video recording feature on it, took it to my daughters school play and used that, and it was wonderful! About that time I got it home and tried to upload all of the pictures onto my pc, well, apparently I had used it so much the batteries where worn out, no problem! I had just stocked up on batteries for my sons new hand held video game, so I changed them out, and this is where I ran into problems, every time I put a NEW set of batteries in, I would turn on the camera and that was all it had enough juice to do! It kept telling me that my batteries where dead and I had changed them out at least a dozen times, knowing that these where brand new batteries!!! I was so upset! So I decided I was going to go buy some rechargables and try that! Surely that would fix that little problem, got the rechargables and got home tried those out and nothing! It still wouldnt work, so I was devestated! I finally decided that the camera would have to be returned and exchanged for a new one, the problem must be with the camera, so I carried the thing around for a week in my diaper bag and never got around to exchanging it, and Christmas was upon us already, so I took the camera with us praying that it would work if only for one night, and it did! We had absolutely NO problems with it!!! So I am super excited again, and hoping that it was just a fluke with the batteries or something!! lol Overall, a fantastic buy for me! 


Oklahoma City, OK


Great Little Camera


I bought the Sanyo VPC-S1085 just to take some everyday photos. It is my first digital camera but I'm loving it. It adjusts the lighting for me and everything.  I know I'll enjoy it even more once I figure out how to use all the features.  I've used it to upload pictures to the Internet already.


Bangor, ME


The Sanyo VPC-S1085 is a nice on the go camera.


I recieved this camera as a birthday gift and at first was a little skeptical of the Sanyo name. I love to take pics everywhere I go but my big, expensive camera wasn't always the best choice. This camera is small, and lightweight so it easily fits in my pocket or bag. With 10 megapixels the pictures come out very nicely. It has 3X zoom which is good for most situations and also has an anti-blur feature. Sometimes I find it a little too slow to focus for those quick shots. It has a lot of different settings for different situations. Most of these work great for use intended but some, like the snow scene setting, tend to come out looking less than ideal. Overall for its price I'd say its a good little camera for on the go. The computer software that comes with  it is easy to use and offers many different editing options.


Lindsey, OH


Sanyo - VPC-S1085 Digital Camera

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