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Sanyo The Bread Factory Plus

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I bought my Sanyo 'The Bread Factory Plus' 22 years ago. Yes, 22 years ago and it's still going strong with no replacement of parts, no repairs and hundreds and hundreds of consistently perfect loaves to feed a family of 5. (I hope I haven't jinxed it!) I bought it in 1999 and in 2021 it keeps on ticking. I make bread probably every other day now that it's just the 2 of us, but was sometimes making a couple in one day, as well as dough for rolls and pizza. It's convenient, cheap, healthier and the machine has paid for itself many times over. I got several of my friends hooked on homemade too. I have my fave 100% whole wheat and my fave white recipes and pizza, but also do French, focaccia and some sweet loaves. Perfect every time. I have also learned along the way, that if I put all the dry ingredients in wide mouth mason jars (I do 6 at a time) and put them in the pantry, it literally takes 2 minutes to put the wet ingredients into the bread pan and then dump the contents of one mason jar on top and press start! I would buy this product again and would recommend it to others, and I have! I love it!

British Columbia, Canada


Sanyo The Bread Factory Plus

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