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Sanyo SNFSRA2480K (2.4 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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Long lasting and Still cold!


Bought this fridge for a dorm room setting five years ago, and it is holding up very well. I have never had an issue with the temperature. No frost accumulation, not noisy, good amount of space, and very convenient. Of course, the freezer compartment does not get as cold as an actual household freezer would, but I have found that to be the case with most mini-fridges. Thankful for this fridge and would recommend it to anyone interested. Noise Level Occasional humming, to be expected, but I've never really noticed it.



great compact refrigerator


this compact refrigerator is great for anyone if you are going to college, leave in a small apartment, have a game room, man cave, have a camper, rv, or just tail gating this is the compact refrigerator for you. It is small but it will hold all your drinks and keep them cold. it does not take up much space and it is great for those tight places. Although it is small and compact you can still get a lot of soda in it as well as food. Noise Level This compact refrigerator is so quiet that you have to put your ear up to it to hear it running or open the door just to make sure it is on. Interior Organization the interior is great small but still has enough room to hold food and drinks Temperature Control easy to set the temperature controls to what you want it set to. easy to find inside the refrigerator. Ease of Cleaning easy to clean as you can take the racks out of the refrigerator and clean the racks as well as the refrigerator. Durability It is durable to last for years and it is great for college kids. Design It is designed to be used in small spaces and for anyone that needs something to keep items cold for awhile.

Hartman, AR


Sanyo SNFSRA2480K (2.4 cu. ft.) Compact Refrigerator

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