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Sanyo - Rant Cell Phone

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Rant Phone is a great innovation


This phone is one of the greatest inventions I've seen in telecomunications. I absolutely love the keyboard. Before, I used to get very frustrated with needing to use the number pad in order to text people. I would lose track of whether I had hit the button one, two, or three (sometimes four) times. Then things would be spelled wrong. While some may not mind this, I drove me insane. Now, it's like I'm typing on my computer. I can even backspace and correct errors, if I want to. The phone also has a built-in GPS. This can come in very handy. While, like all GPS systems, it sometimes gives me directions that I disagree with, I can also count on it to get back on track if I turn a different way. It also is handy when I'm in an area that I don't know very well. In addition to this, Sprint has a great selection of ring tones. I've selected different ones for each of my kids and one as a generic tone. My favorite right now is the Cantina song from Star Wars. You need to check this phone out.

Hamilton, OH


Sanyo - Rant Cell Phone

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