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Sanyo - Qualcomm 3g cdma Cell Phone

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Decent free phone


The pros of the Sanyo qualcomm 3g cdma are that it is great for text messaging which i do constantly. I can text much faster with the keyboard rather than regular buttons.  You can hear well on it. Pretty style of the phone (pink with darker pink flowers) Good ringer quality.  Good alarm clock. Cons-You can pocket dial easily on this phone. My first nonflip phone and i'm having to adjust to this.  I think the keys are too small and its hard to see what is written on the keys especially in the dark. Horrible photo quality. All in all a decent phone considering I got it for free for renewing my contract.

Georgetown, TX


its a black flip phone, the cheapest one that sprint had


I like my cell phone a lot.. it has saved me from being stranded and it helps me stay in touch with friends who live far away. Free long distance is freakin' awesome!! My Jack Russell Terrier dog chewed off my antenna, but I still get the same quality reception.    

Lufkin, TX


Sanyo - Qualcomm 3g cdma Cell Phone

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