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Sanyo Phone

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I love this phone.


If you want a simple phone with excellent sound and one that takes great pictures, this is definetely a good consideration. This cell phone is inexpensive, reliable and has great voice and picture quality. I've tried other more expensive phones, but this one is by far the best.



Great buy for a great price


I bought this phone about 7 months ago and I'm in love with it. I have it in pink but it comes in about 4 different colors. Its a cute handy phone that gives great reception and lots of battery time.The price was excellent as well. In the world of high-tech expensive phones this was a treasure to me. Its a great camera phone (although the pics could stand to be a bit clearer) and has amazing speaker phone qualites.

Brooklyn, NY


Sanyo SCP 3100 is amazing, and I totally love it


Family members and I have had the Sanyo SCP 3100 for around 2 1/2 years.  It has great reception and two out of the three phones have held up amazingly well.  One has gotten a lot more use and therefore is experiencing some slight tech issues.  Overall I would def reccomend this phone to anyone who is looking for quality without a huge cost.

Red Wing, MN


The Sanyo SCP-3100 is a decent mid range phone.


The Sanyo SCP-3100 is a decent mid range phone.  It comes with the normal software such as address book, messaging, web, games, calendar.  The reception is sometimes lacking in some areas but that is probably due to sprint.  Overall it is a decent phone.

Tallahassee, FL


Its JUST okay


This phone is a basic phone with ALOT of faults. Antenna cuts out calls all the time. Sound Quality for calls and ringtones are Horrible!! I would only get this phone if it was FREE and you just want to make 5 min phone calls at a time.

Dundalk, MD


Sanyo Phone

3.8 5