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Eclipse X
Sanyo - Katana Cell Phone

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faboulous phone very durable geat quality


the katana eclipse is a great compact light weight phone and it has a amazing list of features it is truly the all in one cell phone. You can go on the internet anddownload stuff and songs and I have like 100 pages stored in memory it never tells me its to full. it has like 5 songs and still has plenty of room for more I can play it as a ipod just sitting there open and being used or while useing the phoen. I can record voice calls which is good wen you have to go back for say directions i can record someone telling me how to get somewhere and then if I still have problems I use the gps feature that is included as well. Which pinpoints your exact location and takes you where you want to go. I have really enjoyed this phone and have used every feature it has..

Dinwiddie, VA


Great Phone! Sleek and Sophisticated


I purchased the black Sanyo Eclipse recently with a great rebate offer from Sprint.  This phone is sleek and sophisticated in appearance. It lights up in different colors whenever someone calls, which you can set to your liking.  It's buttons are not too slippery like some phones, and it has great sound quality!  I can play music on there and it sounds just as good as my car stereo!  It is also very crisp and clear when speaking with someone else on the phone whether it be directly into the phone or with a bluetooth headset.  On that note, It pairs easily with bluetooth. I always look for a phone with a great rating from other web sites and this one was top notch.  I also look for a phone that has several accessories available.  I purchased a sleek rubberized black case to protect the shiny surface and it looks great!   My only complaint is that you must pay for the Internet and pay for songs in order to have them as ringtones. Otherwise great phone!

Greenville, NC


Great phone


About a month ago I got on the sprint website in search of a cell phone for my husband and I.  At the time they had a deal going on to get a free Sanyo Katana Eclipse X phone.  So the plan was afforable and you cant beat the cute pink free phone!  When receiving the phone I was a little confused but all phones come with a guide and it was all easy to understand.  The phone in its looks are beautiful!  The numbers are on pink buttons and sourrounded by a gray silver colloring along with a silfer click wheel (Not like an Ipod or anything) with a pink okay/menu button in the center.  The outside is a wonderful soft shae of pink with MP3 buttons so you can control your music without having to have your phone open. Ther is a removeable Memory card that you can upload your own music to from your PC so you dont have to download them from your phone.  You can buy new and larger memory cards to store more music.  Really awesome!  One thing about the MP3 part of the phone I didnt like is that there is no jack for headphones, so if you want to jam out everyone near by will have to too!  The speaker the music plays from is quite powerful and plays the songs nice and clear.  I like to set it up when I'm cooking dinner. :)  I was not at all pleased with the quality of the camera or the fact that it doesnt have a flash.  The pictures turn out fine if you are in good ligthing but I live in an apartment with 2 windows and lots of burnt out light bulbs, so I dont get to take a lot of pictures.  I also enjoyed the sprint interface.  Everything is set up very nice and is easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.  Oh and I almost forgot, the front has slim lights on it!  It lights up when you are charging, receive a text, or a call and for other things as well.  I was really surprised but LOVE it.Overall this is a VERY nice phone.

Lafayette, IN


Fun and Functional


My fiance and I both have this phone, mine in flirty pink and his in macho black. Lol. While I wish it had a camcorder like my friend's cheaper phone, it does have almost everything else. I have taken so many pictures that my old phone would have exploded and I see no end in sight to the storage space. It has good sound unlike some of sprints other phones which have been known to be hard to hear out of. And, my phone has lived through being dropped in the snow, dropped on the concrete (several times), rained on, etc. My fiance dropped his in the yard last summer and we left the sprinklers on for a good 2 hours. He realized he had lost his phone, went and found it, and it STILL WORKED. That says it all!

Spokane, WA


Sanyo - Katana Cell Phone

4.8 4