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Sanyo HPSSG3 Indoor Grill

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Good for apartment living


We live in an upper level apartment and we are not allowed to use outdoor grills on our balcony so we purchased this indoor grill. So far we are very happy with it. We've grilled chicken, beef and vegetables but the possibilities seem endless. we wanted a grill that was easy to clean and did not create any smoke in the apartment. Except for a couple hard to reach crevices on the grill, it is generally easy to clean. We have no problems with smoke. Great grill and very affordable. Performance No problems yet Durability Used for over a year and still going strong Ease of Cleaning A few crevices are hard to reach but does not take too much effort. We have not tried it with the dish washer. Ease of Use Very user friendly


College Station, TX


Sanyo Indoor Grill has me grilling all year long.


I had a couple of bad experiance with some Sanyo products before but the Sanyo HPSSG3 Indoor Grill isnt bad.I wanted an indoor grill because of the weather where I live.The weather doesnt permit as much grilling as I want to do.It is a decent sized grill I can cook enough meat on it at one time to feed my whole family.It has a neat water filled drip pan that elimanates smoke.The grill gets up to 425 degrees but the handles and base stay cool enough to touch.It has a non stick surface making it easy to clean.The price is cheap enough and the food is rather tasty.This little grill sears the food as good as an outdoor grill.I have cooked everything from steaks to hot dogs on it.I have not been unhappy with the flavor or taste of anything yet.


Cincinnati, OH




I absolutely love my grill.  I was thinking about purchasing a grill for  a while but was not sure if it was even worth my time since I am living in an apartment.  But I have to say it was the best investment that i could have made.  It makes cooking much more easier and fast.  I can throw steak, chicken and shimp all on the grill at once. Since I bought the grill I have done most of my cooking on the grill. It is a healthier way of cooking.  It also allows me to be more creative with my dishes while giving me the flexibility to do something else.  The grill is easy to clean, easy to set up and easy to use. It does not take up alot of space and could be used on any countertop. The grill is well worth the money which is not alot so it is affordable if you are on a tight budget and who isn't these days due to the recession. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Go and purchase the grill.  You would be absolutely happy that you did.


Elmont, NY


Sanyo Indoor Barbecue Grill-Great Year Round Grilling!!


We love our Sanyo Indoor Barbecue grill!  This grill really works great and is not too difficult to use.  We've cooked salmon, burgers, and Johnsonville Bratwurtz sausage on it and it cooks nice and evenly.  One main benefit of this is it is much healthier to use than charcoal.  Another benefit that I like is I'm not having to shoo a bunch of flies away while cooking.  You can use this grill year round so winter is not a problem.  There are so many things that I like grilled and I'm not limited to the weather outside being right.  It has a 1300-watt heating element, adjustable temperature control, extra-large 200 sq. inch non-stick grill surface, removable drip pan provides virtually smoke-free cooking, easy to clean non-stick cooking surface, cool-touch handles and base, and a dishwasher-safe drip pan.  This grill allows fat to drain away for more healthy cooking.  I would highly recommend this for your grilling needs!


Tecumseh, KS


You will never use charcoal or propane again


When we first used this grill, i thought it was going to be a disaster in the kitchen, but to my surprise this grill is great.  My food was so tender and juicy. The grill cooks quite effeciently, with little mess to clean up.  The fat intake is lowered, the meat taste like outdoors, and we'll never need charcoal or propane again.This Sanyo HPSSG3 is a must have item in every kitchen.This Sanyo grill fit well into our busy schedule.  When we come home from work, we turn it on ,grill dinner, without the splatter of grease.  Thee's no fire  to tend to, there's no lighter fluid smell, or propane smell to deal with.  We find ourselves grilling more than ever now.  The bet thing about this product iis ,you can grill indoors all year around, and still savor that great outdoor smell and taste without actually being outdoors. Winter bar-b-que, how sweet is that!  I found cleanup to be easy as well.  Try this grill, you will absolutely love it.


Gary, IN


Sanyo HPSSG3 Indoor Grill

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