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Sanyo - Flat Panel LCD HD Television

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The Sanyo TV Model #DP26648 is a great TV for the price.


We bought the Sanyo TV Model #DP 26648 in the past year, and we have been so pleased with it.  The colors are great, and the sleek look fits in with the living room decor.  The flat screen makes it possible to fit it on a small console table that is close to the wall.  The TV stand can also be detached so that the TV can be mounted on the wall.  The menu is easy to understand and the set up directions are fairly easy to follow.   I have only two complaints with this TV.  First, the power button on the remote is easily confused with the input button.  The power button is on the left side with the input button on the right.  Most people(especially right-handed) just naturally want to push the button on the left side of a remote to turn on the TV.  Also, if you lose the remote, you're up the creek without a paddle.  There is no power button on the TV or any command buttons.  If you buy a new remote, I have no idea how you will program it to match up with your TV.   Overall, I like this TV and would buy it again.  

Connellys Springs, NC


Sanyo - Flat Panel LCD HD Television

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