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Sanyo ECJ-S35 3.5-Cup Rice Cooker

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Worth the Price!


This Sanyo rice cooker was given to me as a gift a while back. Before, I would buy boxed rice and just cook it over the stove top. Not tasty, but it did the job. When I got this rice cooker, I thought, "Well, why is it so costly? A rice cooker is a rice cooker!" However, this particular rice cooker is well worth the price. Not only does the cooker prepare just the right amount for me, but I've never really had the problem of my rice being scorched, or ending up too dry or soggy. I've thought about using the cooker to prepare things other than just rice, but for now, the cooker is serving its purpose as something functional and durable. While it may be expensive, I've found that in the past I've been having to replace rice cookers for defects and other problems relating to overuse and simply low quality. This product is a great investment, and if you wish, you can definitely use it for other things, making it not only durable, but versatile!




Sanyo ECJ-S35


Many would think that all rice cookers are the same because the all well, make rice. However, not all rice cookers are made equal, especially compared to this one here. Not only does it look AMAZING and adds such an appeal to your kitchen, it's functionality is unmatched. It somehow manages to always make my rice perfect every time, and as a big big eater of rice this is extremely important to me because you when you have a meal with bad rice, it just ruins the whole entree. Not only does it do it's job well, it does it FAST. Some rice cookers i've used in the past take so long to heat up and boil my rice I sometimes would have to eat out and use the rice the next day, therefore would never have fresh rice. Then when the rice would come out it would be all different textures which is horrible. This machine has no such problems.


Fullerton, CA




This Sanyo ECJ-S35 3.5-Cup Rice Cooker is a must have especially if you are one of those people who don't know how to make that perfect batch of rice on the stove top. It's very design savvy blends in with all your stainless steel appliances very easy to use/clean. Best batch of rice ever.


Salt Lake City, UT


Sanyo Rice Cooker not just a rice cooker


We've used rice cookers for years and I discovered that I could make steel cut oatmeal in them as well.  When it was time to replace the old one.  My husband researched and decided that this was the one for us in spite of the very pricey tag. This is a micro-computerized rice cooker and warmer that does so much more.  Has a 3.5 cup capacity, that has settings for white rice (rinse free & quick), mixed rices, brown, dol sot bi bim bab, sweet rice, sprouted brown and porridge.  What they don't tell you is what great slow cooked grits it makes, the kind that are smooth and creamy.  You just put it on the porridge setting.  We like slow cooked stone ground grits and steel cut oatmeal - the kind you have to stand over and stir constantly for 30 minutes or more - I'm rarely in the mood for that.  With the Sanyo I can put it in the night before and set it to be done at a certain time the next morning or start it when I'm making a big breakfast and it will be done when the rest is ready.  The Sanyo can also keep your rice warm up to twelve hours after its done and it doesn't dry it out.  The other cookers we've owned were just cookers.  The Sanyo makes perfect rice of all kinds whether you are looking for sticky rice for eating with chopsticks, or basmati to eat with your fork.  The only rice, grits or oatmeal we don't put in this cooker is quick cooking varieties in fact we don't even buy the quick cooking varieties anymore. Some of the other features worth mentioning is the clock is battery backed up and the electric cord self retracts so you don't have to wrap it around anything or figure out what to do with it.  It is very easy to clean.  This cooker is worth every penny and I am extremely value conscious.   I would highly recommend this as a gift or a purchase for yourself if you like good rices, porridge or grits but hate the work.


Pensacola, FL


Sanyo ECJ-S35 3.5-Cup Rice Cooker

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