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Sanyo ECJ-F50S Micro-Computerized 5-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer

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Performance horse!


We got this rice cooked at the advice of a Japanese friend who was staying in our home. She said we would love it, and we do. It makes the BEST rice. It's never too sticky. It's never too wet. It never clumps. It never burns. It's a good size and makes more than enough rice for dinner for a family of four or five. It's SO programmable that we can have it cook while we're not home, or while asleep. It makes perfect rice every time. We're more than delighted with it. Performance We've tried all kinds of rice in it from sushi rice, to sweet rice, sticky rice, jasmine, basmati, you name it. They ALL turn out perfectly! The programability of this unit is sensational! Ease of Cleaning Just a simple rinse out/wash of the cooking pan and you're all done. And we've NEVER found rice stuck to the bottom! Ease of Use You gotta read the instructions to know how to operate the time and other functions, but they're really quite easy. Durability We use it like four times per week and it's held up fine so far. Design Just wish it could cook more rice at a time.



Sanyo makes consistent rice


I purchased this Sanyo rice cooker several years ago after reading a number of reviews and have been pretty happy with it. It has been reliable and durable throughout the years and is pretty easy to clean. It makes pretty consistent rice and is easy to figure out how to use. I like that it can be pretty versatile - it has different settings for different kinds of rice, like brown rice, white rice, mixed, etc and has settings for porridge and whatnot too. It is more expensive than most rice cookers, but I like that I can just set it and know that it will produce a good rice product every time. It beeps when it is done and has a clock that tells you how long it cooking. It also automatically keeps the food warm for many hours after it is done cooking. It looks good in my kitchen as well. I recommend this!

Panama City, FL


Sanyo Rice Cooker makes GREAT rice everytime


Sanyo rice cookers are reliable and wonderful. I definitely enjoy using this product and I use it very often. It is easy to clean, it is user friendly, and it makes tasty rice everytime. Although this product can be pricey, you can't go wrong with a good rice cooker. Often times people opt out for a cheaper one and the rice is never cooked right and it breaks over time. This rice cooker has never given me any problems. The parts are easy to disconnect and wash. The bowl inside is made of titanium. I love the way my rice tastes after using this product. It is perfect - not too dry or too wet. The rice cooker works quickly and efficiently. The steamer is also reliable and easy to use. However, I usually only make white rice in this cooker. It is small and the electrical cord retracts into the unit so it does not take any extra space. The size is great for apartments and who really needs a rice cooker for more than 5 cups?

Los Angeles, CA


Sanyo ECJ-F50S Micro-Computerized 5-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer

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