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Sanyo - DP19648 19 in. LCD TV

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Awesome Television...Awesome Price!


*I wanted a television in my bedroom so I went out and bought my very first flatscreen. Which led to four more, but in this case I bought the **Sanyo - DP19648 19 in. LCD TV **and I absolutely love it. I have had no trouble with this television at all. The picture is awesome and its the perfect size for a bedroom television. I like that its an HDTV LCD so that I can get my favorite shows in high defintion! Makes them 1000 times better, if you have never seen the difference then you need too. I sat the television on a tv stand in my room and it seems to have good grip on the base and very durable. It came with a nice little remote to control options that I use frequently such as the sleep button. The on screen setup and programming was very easy and showed a picture slide show during the process, I know it seems as boring as elevator music but I was mesmerized by the color quality of the photos. I would defintately recommended this as a starter television and once you buy one you won't be able to stop!! *

Addison, NY


I LOVE My Sanyo DP19648 19" Flatscreen HDTV!


All I can say is WOW!  I bought this Sanyo Model DP 19648 19" Flatscreen LCD - HDTV for my bedroom with high hopes and my high hopes were fulfilled!  I have had it for about 2 months now and I love it!  I currently only have basic cable at my home and the pictures on this TV are superb!  Crisp and clear with beautiful bright colors!  The instructions for setting it up with only the channels I wanted, etc. were very easy to follow and I had no problems at all.  What is really great is how little room it takes up and how easy it is to dust around! LOL  It comes with a remote that has a Sleep Timer, Mute, Channel Recall, Closed Captioning, Menu, Reset, Audio, Pix Shape and a few other goodies too!  You simply can't go wrong with this TV folks!   The sound is high quality and the picture is superb!  Thumbs up to this one!!!!!

Quincy, IL


Sanyo - DP19648 19 in. LCD TV

5.0 2