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Sanyo Compact Refrigerator

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A wonderful and useful compact refrigerator!


This refrigerator is a very effective and useful product. The refrigerator works perfectly as any other refrigerator would, but offers the same quality within a compact design. The design of this refrigerator is simple and elegant. The coolness factor can be adjusted easily and varies greatly. The levels of coolness can be anywhere from room temperature to the point of developing frost. The space offered in the refrigerator is vast for the size it comes in and provides excellent room for many products. Noise Level Very little noise ever ruptures from the refrigerator. It is usually a very low humming sound, but does not occur often. Interior Organization There are useful shelves and racks on the inside of the door and in the body of the refrigerator. This provides room for numerous items of different shapes and sizes. Temperature Control Easy to adjust and effective. Ease of Cleaning Clean just like any other refrigerator. Design Nice compact design while delivering good space and room to store products.



Great for dorms or apartments


It's nice to have a small mini refrigerator like this if you live in a dorm or share a space with some room mates and want to make sure you have some food for your self that can remain safe from their hands. This refrigerator can also be used just for sodas and beer or snacks too if you want to do that. I like the compartments that it comes with. There's room for snacks and sodas on the door, theres plenty of shelfs for smaller items to be packed into the main compartments of the refrigerator, a freezer for ice, or smaller items (don't expect to pack a tub of ice cream in there). I've seen other mini fridges before and the freezer units are really small in this, having a whole row/shelf for the freezer is really nice. The only thing I haven't stored in here before was raw meat, I don't really know how to cook so I don't know how that will work out with this thing...

Castro Valley, CA


Sanyo Compact Fridge


The fridge is medium size.  Its not to tall and or wide but it enough to fit most of the things necessary.  It only has one pull out drawer at the bottom.  There are two levels and a freezer which has its own compartment underneath that may hold other things that may not have to be frozen but need to stay extra cold like frozen vegitables.  The electricity it uses is not that high, It is metalic and can have magnets added on them. 

Los Angeles, CA


Sanyo Compact Refrigerator

5.0 3