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Sanyo Cell Phone

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Simple restricted phone


The Sanyo phone seems to work ok,lacks proper drivers in the Sanyo website(lacks many drivers in general),it only reads emails partially ,difficult to extract photos even with data pilot and basically hacking the phone to extract photos,phone is frail,very difficult to use predictive data input,overall working but very restricted phone.

Miami, FL


Great Flip Phone


This phone looks great with its glossy red coat. I also love how the dial on the front is 'invisible' only appearing when I have a message or when I want to see the time. When you open it it has a large bright screen. It also has huge buttons. The phone, overall, is very simple. It has little to no extra features. It is basically only a call and light text phone. The phone, however, does serve its purpose. A negative I ould like to mention is that his phone lacks a micro SD card reader, which really limits the phone as far as media. I would also like to mention that the glossy red coat scatches very easily, so I would definitely recommend a see through cover in order to prevent any scratch, which are highly notcible on this phone. In spite of this this, the phone is a simple, yet aestetically pleasing phone.

Joliet, IL


scp is perfect for me


Let me start off my saying that I hate Smartphones. My boyfriend has one and whenever I have to use it I have a little hissy fit. I don't need access to the internet and I can text faster using the number keypad (and predictive text) than I can with a full keyboard of tiny little buttons. So this is what I was looking for in a phone. It is a flip phone (no butt dialing for me) that is sleek and compact. It has a number-based keypad, a camera, and a front display. This phone is a phone. Not a mini laptop, not an iPod, not a GPS. I use it to make calls, send texts, and send pictures and for that it is perfect. If you are looking for the same things that I was looking for in a phone then I HIGHLY recommend this phone to you. I bought it with Sprint and got a complete rebate back for it. If you are looking for internet access, a full keyboard, a touch screen, a music player, or any of that other junk, then this is DEFINITELY not the phone for you, but I love it.

South Berwick, ME


Sanyo Cell Phone

3.7 3