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Sanyo Cell Phone

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Sanyo 7500 cell phone is the most resilient phones I have bought


I originally bought the Sanyo 7500 phone 2 years ago for my step-son. He is a very forgetfull boy when he is excited. He has stomped on it when playing with his brother, slammedit around forgetting it is in his backpack, and forgot he had it in his pocket when he jumped in the pool! Sanyo 7500 endured it all and kept on truckin'! After all that this phone has been passed on to 2 other people in the family and is still working as well as when I first purchased it!  If you are rough on your phones, this is the one for you.

Las Vegas, NV


Sanyo MM-7500


I'm very happy with my Sanyo MM-7500. I would recommend this phone to anyone who likes to watch tv, listen to music, text, or just talk on their phone. It does not have bluetooth - which is the only draw back. The speaker and volume levels of the phone are outstanding. The display is also awesome. Everything is very easy to read.  I have had this phone for over 2 years now and I have never had an issue with it. It does have the rugged look, but I have dropped this phone so many times over the years and it still looks great.  This phone also holds A LOT of data.  I have a ton of ringtones, pictures, screen savers, and games saved to this phone and I still have room left.  About the only thing that would make me give up this phone is if they released an updated version with the bluetooth. 

Oklahoma City, OK


A Multi-Media Dream


This is a great little phone that pretty much does it all and it holds a LOT of data. There's no memory card; everything is stored in the phones own memory. I have a GAZILLION pictures stored in my phone and I've never had delete one to make room for another. Also, when downloaded, the pictures are HUGE!!! They're at least 20" x 15" -- AMAZING compared to the tiny little thumbnails some phones offer. Great sound quality and user friendly interface. The only thing this phone is missing that it really needs to make it complete is bluetooth. Otherwise, it's a hit!

Kansas City, MO


Sanyo Cell Phone

4.0 3