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Sanyo Cell Phone

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Nice phone, great for people that work outside


This is my work phone. It does what I need it to, which usually just means making phone calls. I like the large screen and the Bluetooth has come in hand a couple of times. I would like to have a camera, but I guess you have to give something up to get a phone this durable. It is covered in rubber and has taken a couple of falls from waist level. It seems like it will last the two years until I qualify for a new one.

Omaha, NE


If it can survive me - it can survive for you!


I am a klutz.  There are no ifs, ands or buts about it.  My last two phones have gone through the gauntlet of cell phone useage.  They have been:  1) dropped in a lake (repeatedly), dashed onto the ground from 20+ feet up, sat on, tossed from person to person and dropped, etc.  They all died.  This one has survived me for the last year and shows no sign of wear.  The rubberized sides help you keep a good grip on it while the locking back of the phone helps protect the battery.  I've dropped it a number of times but the battery never flies off like previous phones.  The back keeps it nice and secure.  Cons?  No camera, but that's not a big deal to me.  The only thing that I would've liked to see this phone have is to be able to assign more speed dials.  I can only program in nine.

Austin, TX


Sanyo Cell Phone

4.0 2