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Sanyo - 37" Class LCD 1080p 60HZ hd Television

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Great Picture And Cheap!


I purchased a Sanyo DP37819 about three months ago and I love it! The picture is great, there are lots of easy access plugs including a computer monitor plug, a HDMI plug, and best of all its cheap. I have two DVD players plugged in to it right now. Right now I'm using the normal composite plugs (red, white, yellow) but you can use HD composite (red, white, yellow, blue, green) it has a better picture but of course HDMI is much better. I frequently plug my computer in to it to watch Netflix on the TV. Of course its not going to give you the amazing picture that a plasma TV would but its a heck of a lot cheaper so its pretty good. I haven't had any problems so far although I have noticed that when I watch for two plus hours the screen begins to heat up but i think thats normal. There is also a USB port so you can plug a flash drive or camera in to it and look at the pictures on the TV.   When you purchase the TV it comes with: TV with attached stand Basic cords (No HDMI cord) Owners Manual 

North Bend, OR


Sanyo - 37" Class LCD 1080p 60HZ hd Television

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