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Sanyo - 32-Inch Flat Panel HD Television

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Excellent TV


My boys had a television in their room and it had went out. I found this television on sale. My 6, 7, and 8 year old boys didn't need a expensive television. So I bought it only because it was on sale and it was really cheap. The only expectation I started out with was that it turned on and had a remote. I got home and pulled it out of the box and realized it's a super light television. I was surprised because I expected it to be heavier than it was. I honestly think my grandmother can probably move this television around with no problem. The remote isn't the greatest quality it's light and it does feel like a cheap remote. But for a cheap remote it hasn't stopped working yet. My boys have thrown it, gotten it wet, and has really put this remote through h***. Basically for as cheap as it feels and looks I didn't think it'd last this long. It was really easy to setup and connect my sons cable box to it. There was no long setup process or anything, basically a plug in and go sort of thing. When I plugged it in and changed the channel to the appropriate channel I was blown away by the picture. I did not expect a good picture at all. It's bright and crisp picture. It actually has as good of a picture as my $800 television in my living room. The sound at first sounded awful. But after going into the settings of the television and changing it to the surround sound option it sounded great. I have their television kind of caddy cornered in their room and it bounces off of the wall and has a nice loud sound with the surround sound option. I'd recommend this television to anyone looking for a television for your child or a bedroom television. I don't think I'd use in the living room unless you were in a small apartment or house.




Quality tv


We had this tv given to us several years ago by friends who were moving out of the country. They had owned it for about three years before passing it on to us. It has worked very well for us. It shows things well in high-definition, and the speakers are pretty good quality. Occasionally movies with soundtracks that fluctuate between loud and soft will cause some static at the loud sections (after turning up the volume in order to hear the quiet parts). But despite this happening several times over the years, the speakers have lasted well. Other speakers that I have used have been damaged by this kind of repeated distortion, but these have lasted well. Our television is several years old, so it does not have an HDMI plug on the back. But it has a couple RCA connections, so we are able to hook up both a dvd player and an Xbox 360 to it. Both devices that have been connected are able to produce a clear and crisp picture on the tv without any problems. I have enjoyed this tv over the years and look forward to many more years of entertainment through it.




Very nice TV.


I got this TV around Christmas of last year and it's been a great upgrade for me. It was a great price for this TV so makes it an even better choice for me. It was just the perfect size for my living room. The picture quality is fantastic and holds up to most of what I use it for, I've only had one problem with it and I have to think it'd be the same problem with any HD TV, I can't play older video games on it. The graphics go berserk with this TV so anything in the Playstation before range doesn't really work. Not much I can do about it but for everything else it's a great TV. I especially love that I can hook my laptop up to it with an HDMI cable and stream or play videos through that too. The sound is also great quality. It's a very sleek design and takes up very little room. it's a really great TV, very happy with it. Picture Quality (Great except for older video game systems) Durability Haven't dropped it or anything.


Ypsilanti, MI


Great TV for the Money!!


I bought this TV 4 years ago and have had no problems with it. The color clarity is great. The reception is great. The sound function is great. I have had no screen issues like I have had with other flat screen tv's, meaning no red screen green screen or lines. Everything is just as clear today as it was 4 years ago. Picture Quality I love that the color clarity has not changed at all over the last 4 years that I have owned this TV. Sound Quality The sound quality is great I do think they could make it so commercials didn't get so loud but I am not sure if that is the TV or the tv channels so I can't blame the tv. Durability I have had two other flat screen tvs that did not last over a year because of picture issues while this tv has been great and I have had it for 4 years. There have been no issues with this TV and I have even moved 4 times since purchasing it. Design The design is sleek and easy on the eyes. Performance After 4 years I have not had any performance issues, the screen and sound still sound as good now as it did 4 four years.




Great television.


The Sanyo 32 (or technically 31.5 inch) HDTV LCD is a wonderful television for its price range.  This television was purchased to replace an old tube television and let me tell you, I am so glad we bought it.  The television is not only visually appealing but it is sturdy and well built.  The cable connections are very easy to get to. Not on the back like a lot of televisions, but on the side, so they are much easier to access inmy opinion.  The picture quality is AMAZING.  Though it takes some getting used to, switching to a wide screen picture.  One of the best things I liked about this television and setting it up was that easy instructions were included.  Full color diagrams were included to show where the cables go and what cables to use for optimum performance.  Features such as usb port and the ability to hook this television up to a computer really make it a good buy for its price.  If I have to say anything bad about this television it is that I wish the speakers were just a little better.  My husband plays alot of video games and the sound can get a little off.  But I highly recommend this television anyway.


Potts Camp, MS


The Sanyo 32 in flat screen is a great buy!


I purchased the 32 in Sanyo flat screen after looking at sevferal flat panel tv's.  Prior to this purchase I had tube tv's.  I like this model and am happy with the purchase.  Thesound quality is great and the picture is clear and beautiful.  The outside design is flat black and fits in with most decor.  It cleans easy.  Set up was quick and I had no problems connecting DVD, DVR, and VHS.  When I switched satelite companies the technician said it was an easy connect as well.  The picture is clear with all the devices listed above as well as just a receiver.  My daughter purchased the same model a month later and the quality of both is the same.  The price was reasonable for this type of tv and I didn't feel as if I had compromised on anything.  I plan on purchasing another tv in the next few months for another room and I will look to the Sanyo models first.  A tv is an investment and I feel this was a wise choice.


Oswego, KS


Great Picture and sound


I purchased this tv and absolutely love it. It has a very clear picture on it. And the sound quality is excellent. The price was very good too. I was not too sure when purchasing this brand of tv but now I know that it is the only brand I will buy. Definately reccomend this tv to everyone!


Pagosa Springs, CO


Sanyo - 32-Inch Flat Panel HD Television

4.7 7