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Sanyo - 26 in. LCD TV

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the Sanyo - DP26649 26 in. LCD TV is not so good.


This Sanyo - DP26649 26 in. LCD TV is not a very good tv. I was not impressed at all and very dissopointed. We purchasd this tv on a budget so we went cheap and cheap is what you get with the Sanyo DP26649 26 in. LCD TV. The screen is fuzzy and when the screen goes black or dark according to waht is showing on the screen there are green lines about 2 in wide all the way accross up and down. It's very frustrating when you want to see a clear picture and that is what you see instead.I can hadle the fuzziness but those green line get on my nerves all the time.As soon as we can afford iot we are getting a different Tv and that is a different brand other than sanyo.Do not waste your money on this Sanyo LCD TV. There are better tvs out there that are cheaper in price but still better than this.I don't like ti give bad reviews but this one can't be helped.Sorry Sanyo,but this is not one of your best products.I needs to be improved greatly.

Gravel Switch, KY


Cheap and great!


Just got this TV for Christmas and I was so excited to use it. I know they bought it cheap so I was a little afraid that it would be comprised in quality. However, I don't have very high standards. I had an old school TV before, so anything was an improvement. I set it up, and noticed that it did all of the same things that my parents very expensive 40" TV did. I plugged in my DVD player, and my Wii, and they both worked and looked awesome. I was also able to pick up 12 awesome channels just by plugging it in, and I don't pay for cable. This was an awesome find because I cancelled my cable because it is too expensive. The channels seemed to look fine, again, I do not have high standards. Overall I do not need a fancy expensive LCD, this one seems very reliable and good quality for the things that I need it for. It looks great in my apartment and is the perfect size, not too big not too small. Buy it~!!!

Austin, TX


This was one of the best hdtvs ever


So this was the first HDTV I bought and If i do say so myself it is excellent. It was reasonably priced and has wickedly cool graphics even when not in HD. I've always been a Sanyo fan, Even with their other products like the incognito. Sanyo makes durable products that can last a lifetime if you treat it right. It's also the perfect size. It's not too small or too big.

Henrico, VA


Great Quality


Not being rich or finding much need for snazzy, high tech options - my husband and I were quite content with our small CRT TV - especially since our lives don't tend to revolve around our television.  Without Satellite/Cable or a Blu-Ray player, an HDTV seemed kind of pointless. My dad, apparently, did not agree.  Thus, while we were in the hospital welcoming our second child into the world, he decided it was time to upgrade our televesion technology.  Thus we became the owner of a Sanyo 26" flat-screen HDTV. The picture is much clearer, of course, than our old CRT.  One thing we were excited about was that while we had an antenna and a digital converter box, with this TV there is no longer a need for the digital converter and the TV now picks up channels we never before got with our antenna (although, somehow, we've had to trade as we no longer get PBS - a favorite for my Sesame-Street-loving daughter).   Overall, this TV works great and seems to be a nice option for anyone wanting to upgrade to HDTV but doesn't need too big of a size.

Shawnee, OK


Pretty good quality tv


I got this tv for christmas, and I usally use it to watch tv and play Xbox on. Firstly, I have regular cable, so it dosen't look that good but it's still watchable. For Xbox, it looks great, I use an HDMI cable and I set it to 720p on my Xbox. I would only recommend this tv if your on a budget, and you can tolerate a not so great looking tv (unless you use it for Xbox, or Bluray player or something).

Wyandotte, MI


Sanyo - 26 in. LCD TV

4.2 5