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Sanyo - 26 in. LCD TV

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Enjoying new Sanyo HDTV DP26640


My old TV with the big back finally stop working. I knew it was going bad because the picture start getting really dark when I turn it on. So I pick a Sanyo 26 inch HDTV. And have been very happy with Sanyo HDTV. I didn't have any trouble hook up my directv to this tv.. Has HMI INPUT 1 & 2 use to hookup HD digital devices like a blu-ray player, HD cable box, HD satllite receiver or video game system. HDMI (DVI) INPUT1 can be use to hookup a DVI device with the use of an adapter. the Sanyo HDTV also has PC INPUT to hook up a laptop or computer. Audio OUTPUT L/R use to hookup an external stereo amplifier. I really like that the remote as a pix key, which lets me cycle through the available aspect ratios. The different settings setting let me stretch, zoom, or fit the image on my screen. I can also view pictures on my Sanyo HDTV with the use of USB mass storage device. Energy saver is also on this HDTV , level 1 enegy saver feature is off, level 2 low power consumption, level 3 lowest power consumption. My Sanyo HDTV is DP26640, it looks just like DP26647. The problems with this HDTV. Picture Quality Picture quality is still very good. Sound Quality Sound is great. Durability Has held up very good. Design Design is still very good. Performance Performance is still the same as the day I purchase the TV.

Asheville, NC


Sanyo is a nice flat sceen tv


We bought this tv to use in our rv.  It has been great.  Good picture, easy to hook up and use.  Have not had any problems with it at all.  This is the first sanyo that we have owned, would not be afraid to buy another one if needed from this company

Saint Johns, AZ


Sanyo 26in LCD TV is G_R_E_A_T!


I got my Sanyo LCD a couple of years back, I wasn't really a fan of the flat screens at first but I got such a good deal on this one I figured that it would be worth giving it a chance. I really like all of the variety of different hook up options that it offers. I love the fact that you can even hook up to a computer and use as a screen. There are many other hook ups that I have not tried yet also. It has great picture it you are looking straight at it, I guess this is the same with other flat screens. If you are looking up at it say it is setting on a dresser that is higher than your bed then it is kind of hard to see. It is a good size for a bedroom not to big not to small. It was decently priced before the sale and I got it even cheaper because it was on sale.  The only thing that I don't like about this T.V. is the if you go all the way to the end of the channels it changes you over to the digital channels even if you don't have them so you can only go to the end and the go back up you can't flip through to the hightest channel after the lowest channel passes. I would recommened this T.V.! 

Corbin, KY


i love my sanyo flat screen tv


i got my sanyo 26 inches flat screen tv. i also had a sanyo tv before and before that another sanyo tv. but they were not flat screen and they last about 5 to 10 years .my husband bought me this one as a christmas gift. and i was happy to get it .but i need new dvd and vcr player everything went bad same this.maybe i will get one soon.but i would remmond this sanyo flat screen tv to anyone that is in the market for a flat screen .but it is pefrect when have small room

Mansfield, GA


Sanyo - 26 in. LCD TV

5.0 4