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SanDisk - Sansa Lil Monsta MP3 Player

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tiny and efficient!


tiny little device holds up to 1.0 gigabytes of music, and/or photos, great for drivers, walkers, kids, and more! tiny, enough to wear around your neck, and barely notice it there! also has a memory card slot!  file your songs by artist, and album!  also has a voice recorder!  great little device!


Scranton, PA


The SanDisk Lil Monsta is the perfect player!


I LOVE my lil monsta!  I had a Coby player before, and there is no comparison.  This little unit does it all, plays mp3, short video clips, pictures, FM radio and has a voice recorder.  It comes with 1gb of space and an expansion lot so you can add another 1gb.  It's easy to drag and drop anything you want on it, and it remembers what you were playing the last time you used it.  A terrific toy that won't clean out your savings account!  Great sound and easy to use, lots of fun.  What more could you ask for?  Grab a Sansa c240 for yourself!


Salt Lake City, UT


Great and convenient


I will admit, I got this mp3 player not expecting much, but to my surprise it has been great. It holds lots of music, it has a slot to upgrade the space if needed. The battery life is great which is a major plus because I listen to it a lot and don't want to worry about my player dying while I am out and about. It is easy to use, I didn't even need to read the manual. I like that I can charge it from my computer, which gives me a reason to change the music often. The price is great. I would recommend it from music lovers from every age level, young to old it doesn't matter!


Golden, CO


SanDisk - Sansa Lil Monsta MP3 Player

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