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Samy Get Curls Curl Reactivating Cream

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Samy did well with this product.


Samy Get Curls Curl Reactivating Cream is an excellent hair care product for us curly headed girls. I really like how my curls look after I use this product. When my hair is frizzy this does a great job at tamming all the frizz. I also use it when my hair is not frizzy but I want my curls to have more definition. I use this product every day. One great thing about this cream is it is vey light feeling in your hair.This cream never leaves my hair greasy like others I have tried. I also never have a problem with build up or sticky hair. This product will give you defined bouncy curls with no frizz or build up and make your hair really soft.i would recommend this to anyone who has curly hair it is a miracle worker for curls. I cant think of one good reason for someone with curls not to use it.The smell of this cream is not bad either . The smell is pleasant but not great or fruity or whatever.it is not the cheapest curl cream I have seen but it's not expensive either.

West Union, OH


Samy Get Curls Curl Reactivating Cream

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