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Samy Big Foam Hair Color

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not impressed


While the color was good after application, I initially used this product because in their commercials they always talked about how easy application was, no drip foam yada yada yada. After mixing the product I went to apply it , and the "foam" was runny, and dripping every where. I did like the color, but would not again purchase the product for that reason alone. I tried it because I thought it would be less messy than traditional hair color, but it ended up to be even messier Effectiveness Color came out good, and lasted for quite awhile Ease of Application Messy, dripping everywhere, runny and hard to work with

Mount Pulaski, IL


Haircolor that does the job.


When I first saw this in the hair color aisle, I was excited. I thought, maybe, finally- a hair color that would actually NOT drip like it promised. This actually did not drip. while on my hair. The foam was nice and thick and went on the hair well. The downside is, that if you have a hard time with hair color in the first place and are a bit sloppy like myself, getting the foam from the cup, on your gloved hand, to your hair, can be quite messy. Shaking the color up to get the foam did not take long, and the foam was pretty thick. I used a large tooth comb to try to get it through my hair. I made a thorough mess on my counter just applying this to my hair, but the color came out nice and it rinsed in the shower well. Hopefully they will make a better application system and add more colors to their somewhat limited choices. Effectiveness After all was said and done, the color came out as it should have Ease of Application Could use some improvement, such a squeeze tube or something a little more precise than grabbing foam with your hand

Kittery Point, ME


Big Foam Hair Color


I started using Samy Big Foam hair Coloring 6 months ago. I absolutely love it. It provides the color that I am looking for and it last about 6 weeks.It comes with a easy to use shaker cup that holds all the color. As you shake it, it becomes foamy. you are able to take the foam and apply to your hair. Its very easy, non messy.  I like it because I don't have to worry about the drips that you can' t see until its too late and its stained your floor or cabinet. I am very pleased with Samy Big Foam Hair coloring and would recommend it to anyone. I have had nothing but compliments on the hair color I use. Its shiny and managable. It gives an equal color all around. It covers the gray evenly, which I always have a problem with. The color is even at the roots .  The directions are easy to read and follow. I will not use anything else but Big Foam. I am very happy with this products and would recommend to my friends.

Auburn, GA


Samy fat Foam is O.K.


Samy Fat Foam Hair Color is not really any better than any other dye on the market.I think it is a little more convienient than some other hair colors or dyes because it is less drippy than some of the other dyes and hair colors I have used which is a pro. The con is it does not really cover as well as the more normal texture re drippy dyes on the market. They market this dye as  toatally different than the other dyes on the market but other than the consistancy of this dye versus others I really dont see much of a difference. The Fat Foam dye is O.K. and as I said easier to use but I will stick with my regular brand of hair dye. The colors that the Fat Foam dye came in didnt really suit me either. I couldnt really find a color in this brand that I really liked. At home hair dye is not really expensive but Samy Fat Foam is more expensive than most at home dyes you find in most discount stores. i wont be using it again but its not a bad product.

West Union, OH


Samy Hair Dye


I got this from my daughter,she is a hair dresser told me to try it because I always bought what was on sell. I love this hair dye,it covered my grays and gave me body I have flat no body hair but this really helped my hair made it look so healthy

Cincinnati, OH


Samy Big Foam Hair Color

4.0 5