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Samsung sgh-t299 Cell Phone

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Average "Free Phone"


*Since my contract was about to expire with T-Mobile, I went to the store where I got my first phone two years ago.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with my old phone, and I plan on continuing to use it.  But...being on a fixed income, with no insurance on the first phone, it helps to have a back up phone.  If you have **no insurance** on your mobile phone & it **pay full price** for a replacement.* *Now I have a back up phone for free.  From what I can initially see, this is your typical "free" phone.  It has a camera, that takes poor quality photos and no video.  And it has a speaker phone.  Unlike my old phone, the **Samsung SGH-T229 **also has 'Bluetooth' capabilities.  The sales person didn't even tell me that.  I guess Bluetooth comes on most phones now-a-days.* *Bottom line: I'm a dinosaur...if I can talk on it, I'm happy.  I don't do any 'texting'.  If I want to take a real photo...I get out my [Kodak][1] .  However, having a camera would come in handy just in case of an auto accident to get first shots of what happened.  Bluetooth?  A year ago I didn't even know what it was.  If someone calls me while I'm driving, I tell them to hang on until I can pull off to the side of the road.  I can't walk & chew gum at the same time.  Why would I drive & talk at the same time?* *If all you want and/or need is a good basic phone...this is it.        *   [1]:

Saint Louis, MO


Samsung sgh-t299 Cell Phone

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