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Samsung - schu410 Cell Phone

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Ok phone bit too expensive


The Samsung R410 is a decent phone has a good camera that is a bit too touchy if what you are trying to take a picture of moves or your hand moves even slightly the whole picture gets really blurry. The full keyboard comes really in handy if you are a major texter like I am. I swear I used this phone more for texting th\an making calls ever! Its also a pretty tough phone mine has been dropped, kicked, had things spilled on it. My 2 month old daughter even peed on it! Through everything it has still worked! It has avery short battery life though I charge mine every night and by the middle of the next day I only have1 bar left out of three. It has really good service though I have been through out different parts of slorida and have maybe found one or two places where I did not have service and most times I would only need to slightly move for that to change. I do think I paid too much for this phone but I feel that about a lot of phones, just dont see the point of spending hundreds on phones!

Mount Dora, FL


Samsung U410 Cell only has one problem for me----


I have owned nothing but Samsung Cell Phones in the past (with my previous cell phone company) so I chose this Samsung  with my new company.  I though all Samsung were basically the same, WRONG, I use my speaker phone all of the time as I am a little hard of hearing, but this phone's is definitely not to be used as a speakerphone!  I hear less with the speakerphone on than I would if I turned it off, cannot wait until I can get a new phone  "every two years" but I will definitely try another Samsung!

Bremerton, WA


Samsung u410 is a good phone, all except one thing...


The Samsung u410 works good. After all it is made by Samsung. The only disadvantage to this phone is the side buttons. There is a camera and voice dial button on the right side. When you keep the phone in your pocket (if you do, I always do), the buttons get pushed and you take pictures of the inside of your pocket. Or your pocket tries to call someone. It also gets pushed and does this other ways as well, just for me it is more often in my pockets. This also uses up the battery faster.

Columbia Cross Roads, PA


this is a great phone small but fine


i am reviewing a samsung schu410 phone from verizon. It is a good phone. Small so it fits in your pocket really good. One  problem i have with it is it takes pictures in my pocket  which can be a little irritating at times. It deoes not take pictures very clear either.  The other problem i have with this phone is that i use it for my work and i can not put all my work on the calender dates. It does not allow me to do do that. It does not have enough space available and i do not like that and for that reason i would not get this phone again. Other that that the phone is a good phone

Escondido, CA


Samsung - schu410 Cell Phone

3.3 4