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Samsung r451c Cell Phone

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Pretty Good Phone but not the Best


I like this phone ok. I only got it because I changed my phone service to Straight Talk, and they selection of phones you can pick is pretty bogus! But...the price is right, and this phone does everything I need. I do really like the sliding keyboard feature. It's nice, and the buttons are placed well, which makes texting easy. I also think the camera is decent, and I like that I can store a memory card so that I can take as many pictures as I want. The camera button, however, is very poorly placed, and as a result, I get lots of pictures I DON'T want. You really have to lock the phone when you are not using it to avoid this. Also, there are few ring tones to choose, which is lame. I am sure I can download more, but I am not a techy, so I would have to figure that out. The other features are pretty much the norm, and the phone is not too hard to figure out once you have it for awhile. It is not a smart phone, but like I said, it's decent for what I need, and the Straight Talk plan savings definitely makes it worth my while.

Saint Johns, FL


Pretty good phone


I wouldn't say this is a terrible phone I've just had some bad luck with it! I bought it and several months later it literally fell into 2 pieces. I don't know if I use it too much or what because it's happening again! They did send me a new phone after that one was breaking so that's a good thing! I do like the keyboard and the camera a lot.

Greenville, IL


This Samsung is durable!


When I signed up for Straight Talk I wanted a phone which would allow me to text and browse the web easily so my husband picked out this Samsung. I love it so much! This is my first slider phone with a keyboard and it makes texting and surfing the web so much easier. The camera is also pretty decent for the price and I use it often to send texts to friends and families. I have an embarrasing note to add to my samsung - it survived a dip in the toilet! After taking it apart and cleaning it with rubbing alchol, my Samsung works perfectly fine! I was so impressed with this that it makes me very happy that I decided to switch ATT and my Razor to Straight Talk and my Samsung phone. The bluetooth also works well and I utilize it often in my car. The case is also pretty durable. I have dropped my samsung on numerous occasions and the case hardly looks like it! If you like to text and choose Striaght Talk as your provider I would definitely suggest this phone.

Indianapolis, IN


Best phone ever made.


This phone is the best phone ive ever used its sleek and pocket fittable i love the phone because of its mp3 player and web connection the phone has good service and the plan for its very cheap i hope they keep making phones like this. the company that made this was straight talk and the phone companys really reliable and there plans are cheap as i said so if your interested id suggest you try this phone company out there  worth it. some pros about the phone would be.   It slides has a querty keyboard mp3 player great reception GOod Graphics Some cons would be it has bad battery life, and i think the sound should be better quality around ringtones cause some ringtones you download off of the sites have some bad sound quality. one more con would be the internet because it has a bad connection when downloading your ringtones i mean its ok but if they could fix it. so yeah if your interested in the phone go to straight talk or net 10 about i thanks.

Hollywood, MD


Samsung r451c Cell Phone

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