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Samsung ml- Laser Printer

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How long does the ML 2010 last, you ask? Well, keep counting!


The Samsung ML 2010 was given to us by a guy who used it to print out strategy guides.  This was three years ago.  Since then we have not replaced the ink (and neither did he).  It is still going after 10+ strategy guides (this includes hefty numbers such as Pokemon, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy), at least 100 pages of sheet music, and page upon page of occupation related documents.  The printer rarely jams, it is very simple to use, and it is set up with one plug of a USB cord! I have never owned a printer that could be used this much and not "die."  Most other models I have owned ( an HP and Brother among them) lasted about a year before something needed to be replaced.  The ML 2010 has provided us with the satisfaction of knowing that, once it's "life" has ended, it will have saved us a great deal of money and time.  Thanks again, Samsung, for bringing us yet another great product!

Fort Plain, NY


Samsung ML-2010 Laser printer


I have had this monochrome laser printer for many many years now and it has been a great little work horse for me. I use it in my home office for my portrait photography business, and I am always printing model releases, order forms, contact forms, etcetera, so this machine probably gets used more than the average laser printer.  Although it is rated as a non industrial machine, it does a great job for what I need it to do. It prints pages super fast, and the cost per page is incredibly low, less than 1 cent per page minus the cost of the paper.  The cost per page is so low that it makes me wonder what is wrong with people when they only have an inkjet printer to do their text printing.  At first I was getting about 2000 pages per cartridge. It has two sources for paper, a lower deck that can hold a lot of paper and an upper area to easily put in special paper or envelopes. It connects by USB 2.0

Abingdon, VA


The grandkids kids' will enjoy this priinter...LOL...over 4 yrs


This printer is absolutly a workhorse I've printed several thousand pages off of this an it still keeps trucking not to mention this isn't a ugly printer either it looks stylish and sleek with nice curves that you can say are easy on the eyes:)  It is functional and does what is asked of it without any issues I have thus far only had to replace ink purchased from eBay, which can be had for a few nickles and dimes off the cheap...dirt cheap... in the STARTER CARTRIDGE TONER which keeps on going without issue, yes the starter the one that Samsung gave for free has not yet been replaced on this printer absolutely amazing.   It is quick and easy to take out the toner from the printer, pop off the end cap of the toner, refill it with the powder ink and batta boom batta bing you have a fully functional printer in less then 2 minutes and less then the latest McD's value menu item!!!

Metairie, LA


Samsung ml- Laser Printer

4.7 3