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Samsung in. LCD TV LN-T4053H

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Found it; bought it; love it.....


Samsung 40-in LCD television - In view of the new 'cable' rulings regarding high definition, etc., and whatever else they are planning, and since my living room television had given it up, I went on-line looking for a replacement.  I found a great price; located it on-line at Sears; called Sears; charged it up; picked it up and installed it myself.  It's been mine for about 5 months now, and I'm VERY pleased with the model and high definition programs I have available to me.  Hopefully, come February, we will be allowed even more high definition channels for viewing.

Celoron, NY


Just Average


Recently purchased 40" HDTV, it takes some getting used to the digital delay.  Picture is okay, unless you sit at a certain angle.  Sound is inconsistent as the speakers are behind the screen, so if you are watching the TV, you have a hard time hearing the sound, but if you are in another room, it it blasting!  Overall, I would say it is just okay!

Cincinnati, OH


I feel like I am in the TV


I love this TV! It is my favourite by far that I have ever had. The colour is my favourite feature. It is so crisp and clear. also, a very good deal. We got TV for the best price. We could normally not afford a TV of this calliber. The TV is great for our WII as well. It looks great and We love to play on this TV. It is also pretty cool with our super nintendo.

Beverly Hills, CA


one fantastic tele vision


Samsung has introduced some of the revolutionary TV products in to the market in association with SONY. Samsungs new TV OLED is going to hit the market in the coming year and will definitely perform well as it is also developed with SONY and these two companies they share their R&D in Japan & Korea.

Fremont, CA


I am disappointed


I wish I had the picture quality everyone brags about. My picture comes in fuzzy "at times" on Dish standard channels, and other times outstanding. When I watch "24" and there is a lot of black, it is blotchy. One article called it creeping moss. I called Samsung and she said she wasn't familiar with my problems. The sound volume is set on "automatic" but I sure do not think it keeps it stable. I know the problem with the sound cutting out, but that is not what it is doing.

Waynesville, NC


This TV is really great, only wish I had purchased a 42" model.


I found a great price on this television at about 3 months ago.  I have had no problems with it, the picture in HD is great and not too bad in standard.  I was debating on whether to purchase a 720p or 1080p but after reading tons of reviews went with this 720p model for my purposes and also because of the price difference.  I was trying to fit this TV over a mantel and if I had to do it over I would have chosen a 42" Samsung model instead. 

Savannah, TN


Samsung in. LCD TV LN-T4053H

4.0 6