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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Smartphone

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Amazing Hardware with a poor software support


Samsung - OmniaHD i8910 Smartphone Cell Phone has one of the top specification in its time. It has the ARM Cortex A8 600 MHZ with PowerVR SGX graphics processor, 8G internal RAM, 8MP autofocus camera, 720P video recording, dual speakers, AMOLED screen, 3G, 2G HSPA, AGPS. Bacially, anything you can think of, it has it. The speification is pretty much on par with iPhone 3GS or even better.  The screen is amazin. The color is vibrant   and saturated. Actually, it's a bit too saturated so the color accuracy is not good. It kinds of fools you into thinking  your picture is very colorful but it looks different when on PC.   What kills the phone is the Symbian S60V5 OS. It's not a bad OS at all. In fact, it has one of the best multi-tasking capability (when 3GS still didn't do multi-tasking). The UI is very un-user friendly. However, you don't mind a few extra taps here and there, you can still do what you want. I am still using this phone today. It does what I need to: Garmin navigation, google map with street view, fring,  facebook , twitter and even wifi hotspot. The biggest problem is the lack of 3rd app. Many companies no longer release software for this phone. e.g. Skyfire stopped supported symbian OS as of 2011. Skype app doesn't support samsung i8910 despite it is still one of the most powerful Symbian Smartphone. Also , even  samsung no longer release any new firmware update on this phone.   It's unfortunate to see just beautiful hardware get screwed by poor software support. But I still love this phone.

Sunnyvale, CA


Samsung i8910 Omnia HD Smartphone

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