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Samsung - Exclaim Cell Phone

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can take a beating


This phone has been dropped (and occasionally thrown by my 2 year old) a few times and works great still. It does occasionally have a mind of its own and starts playing mp3 music from my pocket even when locked. overall, good phone if you do not need too many extras.

Johnstown, PA


samsung cellphone


My cell phone... samsung.. Its a very nice phone.. its cheap and have all the required functions in it.. Battery life is not that great but it works for me as I carry my charger with me all the times... I love my phone

Lowell, MA


Samsung Exclaim falls short.


I honestly thought that this phone would be a great choice. It was decently priced, and seemed "cool". However, I'm on my fourth phone of this type, and each time something goes wrong with it. There has been no water damage, nor have I dropped the phone and caused any type of damage myself. The charging portal is junk, and only works for the first few months. During the use of my second Samsung Exclaim, the screen went black alltogether, and I was unable to access or use the phone in any way. Each time, the company claims "Manufacturer Problem". How many times must I have a problem due to the Manufacturer before they send me a completely different phone?! I have even begged my provider to simply give me a cheap alternative such as a flip phone, and told them that I would gladly trade my phone for a "bag phone" from the late 80s! This is junk, and not worth the money at all. I can't wait until my contract is up!

Northwood, OH


Exclaiming the Exclaim!


This is my new phone, and I must say I love love love this phone. I love how easy I can upload my new photos to facebook and other services. I also love that fact that it has the time and date on the front of the phone. If I ever dont know the date then I just find out at the tap of a button. The way the phone slides out two ways is awesome the qwerty key board is very useful when sending a text message or email. Also when I start to type a number it pops the number that matches it from my contacts which is good. I love how the photos can be put into different albums and there is a sd card slot so that I can have even more memory then what the phone can hold. The internet works great on this phone as well can view all my favorite sites very easily. I am going to be a fan of the Exclaim for a long time!

Pasadena, MD


If you like pocketing dialing, you'll like the Exclaim


The Samsung Exclaim has its good and bad qualities.  First, its positive attributes:  It has a dual sliding system, so you can either slide it down to display numbers 1-9 and the # key and * key, or you can slide it sideways to displaying the keyboard.  Hence, you have two options for text messaging as well.  The battery life is pretty long, usually lasting 2-3 days and sometimes longer, depending on how often it is used.  For average phone calls and texting use, it lasts 2-3 days.  There are several ring tones to choose from.  The volume is sufficient.  It has a camera and internet capabilities.  It has speaker phone.    The cons?  It is pretty bulky.  It often pocket dials because when the phone is "closed' they keyboard does not automatically lock.  The speaker phone button is close to the "talk" button, making it easy to accidently hit "speaker" and then proceed to have the volume blast in your ear when you hold it up close.  I said there are a lot of ring tones to choose from, BUT they are all pretty obnoxious.  Not a touch screen phone.  Overall, I would recommend a smaller phone. Other than that, it works well and has many features. 

Salem, OR


Great phone, but not very durable


I love the style of my Samsung Exlcaim.  It's really a sleek, feature-rich cell phone.  I love the slide out number pad and qwerty keyboard.  It has quite a few ring tones included, and has the ability to set different ring tones for different contacts, which I find comes in very handy.  There is lots of space for contacts (at least 200 slots) as well, along with all the standard cell phone features, like appointments, etc.  A few little annoyances with texting are the auto-fill and the fact that you can only backspace one letter at a time.  I must add though, that I'm not really a heavy cell phone user.  I don't even use it every day, and only text about once a week, so you can imagine my surprise when I started having trouble sliding out the qwerty keyboard!  It felt like something was catching in there, and there was a little click each time.  After a few days of this, a sharp piece of metal poked out when I slid it open, and now I have to mess with it to get the stinking thing to open or close.  It's very disappointing that it did this with so little use, hence my 3 star rating. It's a nice phone, but really not very durable, so I only recommend it if you get the phone insurance on your cell phone plan.

Charleston Afb, SC


Exclaim by samsung


I really like this phone alot.  it slides both ways and the battery will last forever.  it has a good picture and display.  i think that the sound needs a little more i mprovement.  but other than that its very steardy.  mine has gone out the window of my car and only got scratches and my 2 toddlers play with it everyday

Williamsport, MD


This Samsung Exclaim M550 is OKAY


I bought this phone in April of 2010 when I first came back to the Sprint network. It worked fine until November 1st when the charging port/ USB port stopped allowing a connection. This caused my phone not to ever charge, which required me to get a new phone. The phone is also a bit week when slid, and it actually slid open and closed on it's own when I would just hold it in my hand and gently tilt it from side to side. The graphics are low quality, which is expected with this basis Multimedia phone, but the internet on it is absolutely slow!  I did enjoy the full QWERTY keyboard, except for the fact that it was very wide which made it difficult to text comfortably. The color options is pretty nice, considering I had the blue one and my mom had the pink one--we never confused ours, hah. It did freeze quite often when I received text messages, and often had to have the battery pulled in order to reset it.  I'd recommend this as a last resort phone as I've had much better quality for a much lower price.

Florence, KY


Samsung Exclaim... Worst ever.


I had a Rumor and it was a pretty good phone but I got the opportunity to upgrade early. Unfortunately I didn't upgrade, it was actually a very big downgrade. I wanted to be able to tweet and facebook, text and chat, surf the internet all with eas. What I got was frozen or delay screen, no ringer sound or no incoming calls at all, text sent to wrong people, and phone backlight not turning off. That happend to both Exclaim phones I own not to mention the one I bought for my girlfriend. The best thing about this phone is the battery life unless my backlight doesn't turn off.... Camera is actually decent and pictures can be taking off your xd card and put on your pc or mac, but then again, you can do that with any phone.

Los Angeles, CA


Good for texting


This phone was ok for its time while I had it, decent battery life, fairly durable.  It was good for texting, although it liked to randomly add the number 4 while I texted for some reason.  It did not like to keep me logged into facebook randomly, and would end up lasting like that for weeks...but did have a facebook app, for those that enjoy the facebook thing.  It was a bit on the slow side, generally unable to keep up with my texting, and I'm certainly not the fastest texter.  It was small(I thought), and fairly durable as I dropped it all the time...though the battery fell out every time...Could go a full weekend with out charging if I used is sparingly, but did have one battery issue that suddenly occurred, which made it go from a full charge to nothing randomly between 10 seconds and several hours...and even while plugged in. Overall a decent phone if your a texter with its full qwerty keyboard and all.  Oh, and the pictures were fairly nice as well.

Bay City, MI


Samsung - Exclaim Cell Phone

3.6 25