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Samsung - Wireless Headset

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Samsung - Wireless Headset





Yes i buy this item again


I think that product very good and very quality nice and beautiful ,the size is small and good design, the battery long life and give more hours from work



The best headset for the very affordable price!


I hate headsets because I've never found one that really truly works for me. Sure, I can hear through them and I can speak and others hear me but it's they're not problem-free by any stretch of the imagination. But, I keep searching. I was first drawn to this because it was available in my favorite color - red. Then I realized that it was small. And then, inexpensive. So I bought it to use with my iPhone. I've been using it for more than three months as of this review. It's super easy to pair, it fits nicely in my ear and to date, has only fallen out once. The charger is a neat little case which for some reason, I like. I find that I often have to turn the volume down on the headset because it's just too loud even while driving with the windows down. People I talk to have said that they don't even notice that I'm using a headset which is important to me. I hate when people use headsets that make them sound far away or like they're standing in a silo. One time I was standing outside and it was getting ready to storm and the wind was blowing like crazy. My friend did say he couldn't hear me well with the wind blowing that hard into the microphone. Makes sense. That's been the only trouble though. Oh, and the thing is so small it's easy to lose in a purse for sure and easy to forget when you put it in your front jeans pocket. It's had a few close calls with the washing machine. I like it. Sound is good and my friends don't hate when I use it and it stays in my ear without that goofy hook thing on my other bluetooth headsets that get tangled up in my hair or doesn't sit well under or over my sunglasses. And the volume buttons are kinda small for those of us with long fingernails but it just takes a little extra maneuvering.

Birmingham, AL


Good clear sound, but smaller is not necessarily better.


I recently purchased the Samsung WEP200 blue-tooth headset to use with my Samsung SGH-T809 cell phone. Although this is the first blue-tooth headphone I've purchased, I have demo'ed and used other manufacturers wireless headsets.The compact size was the first thing that attracted me to the WEP200. I don't care for those larger, bulky headsets and was looking for something a little less conspicuous. When I tried the headset in the store it seemed to fit my ear fine. However, when I started to use the headset more I noticed it had a tendency to become loose and fall out. Since the headset does not have a loop to go around the ear it relies entirely on the rubber ear-bud fitments to keep it in place. I tried the different ear-bud sizes that came with it but none of them worked well with my ear. If you are considering this headset, make sure you try it first to make sure it fits your ear. Also, the buttons are a difficult to use and non-intuitive. You need to hold down the main button for a few seconds to turn on the headset and even then, it's difficult to know if it actually turned on. On a more positive note, the sound quality is very good so long as you keep the phone near the headset. Callers on the other end say they can hear me clearly and that there is very little static or background noise - even when talking outside.

Chicago, IL


Almost perfect


I purchased this bluetooth specifically because most complaints stated it was best suited for small ears. I love the in ear design, as most "hook" designs do not hold a bluetooth snug enough to my ear...if they manage to stay on at all. This lightweight has great sound and volume levels, and people say they have no problems hearing me. I do agree that they could have done a better job with the ear cover sizes. Even with my small ears, I use the larger one. I also have to play with it a little more than I would like to get it positioned just right. I also ordered a set of the Jabra ear gels that others recommended just in case. They send you 3 different sizes. The smallest fits me best. However, this bluetooth must be placed in the case to charge, and this is not possible without removing the jabra ear gel each time. After trial and error, I chose to stick with the original ear cover. I would encourage anyone thinking about purchasing this item that is concerned about fit to pick up a set of these. They would resolve any sizing issue, and removing the gel during charging is a small price to pay for a bluetooth so cheap and effective.

Fontana, CA


Samsung - Wireless Headset

3.4 5