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Samsung Window Air Conditioner

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Window Air Conditioner.... With remote control..... Wow.....


Samsung Window Air Conditioner is a wonderful very powerful air conditioner it is the first time in my life to buy a window air conditioner with remote control , we used here in the middle East countries to have remote control only in split type air-conditioners while window type air-conditioners come always without remote control , I believe that the window Air Conditioner is more powerful than split type air-conditioners and hard working more than split type air-conditioners , but almost all window type air-conditioners have two comon disadvantages which are the load sound and number two is that window type air-conditioners come without remote control Samsung Window Air Conditioner , comes with remote control and this is very good and unique advantage , while sleeping you can turn Samsung Window Air Conditioner on and off and you can also change the temperature , I think making Samsung Window Air Conditioner with remote control is a fantastic option , now I will mention the advantages of Samsung Window Air Conditioner , firstly it has accurate temperature control , what is written in the screen is what you exactly get , Samsung Window Air Conditioner cools the whole room whatever width were this room , as I said before window type air-conditioners is more powerful than split type air-conditioners , but if the room was very big, I advise you to turn Samsung Window Air Conditioner on fifteen minutes before you go to this room because Samsung Window Air Conditioner will take some time to reach the desired temperature in bigger rooms , Samsung Window Air Conditioner is very easy to install just put it in the window ,but of course you will need only one person to carry it up with you , Samsung Window Air Conditioner is very heavy and you can not carry it up alone , after putting Samsung Window Air Conditioner in the desired correct place only one wire to put into the electricity box , but sure you must have good experience in electricity before doing that , take care



wont turn on


My unit has a remote control with it, I could turn it on with remote or on the unit. Now I can only turn it on with the remote for some reason it stopped working on the unit. Does anybody know why this happened? I cannot find my remote therefore I cannot turn on my air cond. Need help before I melt! Dogelove

moreno valley, ca


Loving It


I have had this air conditioner going on three years and I love it; I cools quickly. My house has very tall ceilings and the window unit I had before this took along time to cool off the room. It is a little louder than I have hoped for but over all I love it.

Bonham, TX


Energy efficient, and can cool a room down with ease!-


In the summer of 2007, in mid Ohio some where, I was giving birth to my daughter.  Well truthfully it was in August, and one of the hottest summers I could remember in some time!  At the time we had a small (and I mean small, for small rooms) air conditioner for the back bedroom, and I pretty much lived in there the last of my pregnant days.  I had my daughter, and came home, and once again the only safe place for my infant daughter was in that back bedroom.  My parents had come for the birth, all the way from RI, and realized our situation and Papa promptly went out and purchased this here air conditioner and brought it home for us.  It was a lifesaver.  Really.  It allowed us to have normal access to the rest of our apartment in the dead of summer.  This machine is fantastic and can cool a room down (we have a living room/kitchen/dining room area that it cools) within 20 minutes easily, and you can feel a difference by 10.  This machine has a digital thermometer  and a function that tracks the temp in the room and will shut it off once it hits the temp you decide.  It also has a remote, that I don't use only because my now three year old will get a hold of it and lord only knows what I will walk into regarding temp!  We've had it for three years now and it still works wonderfully.  

Fairborn, OH


keeps it cool


I have this air conditioner in my room. I live in Florida where it is extremely hot during most of the year and this air conditioner does its job. I like the fact it has a remote to access all the features including: temperatures, turn it off and on, change the fan speed, cooling type, energy saving mode, and timer to turn it off. It does its job for a decent size room. You have to clean it about once a month. The air conditioner is pretty quiet unless it is dirty. The only reason I did not rate this a five star product is because it doesn't double as a heater. It does have a setting for temperatures up to 84 degrees -- but doesn't heat the room, even on every setting. It does have a energy saving option -- which alternates from full blast to half blast and its pretty annoying especially while trying to sleep. I'm not sure if it is energy saving when it's not on energy save mode. I would definitely recommend this product to others!

Lake Hamilton, FL


Samsung Window Air Conditioner

4.4 5