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Samsung WF331ANW/XAA Washer

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New technology, not necessarily better.


My old, reliable top loading washing machine finally died on me after years of use. I had been happy with the machine but out with the old and in with the new! All the talk was of the new front loading technology. After much research, I purchased the Samsung WF331AN. I definitely liked that it used significantly less water which was not only good for the environment but would save on my water bill too. I had read that it would use less detergent which would be another money-saving benefit. This particular model had all the bells and whistles including a steam clean feature. On the positive, it does use less detergent and less water! However, on the downside I don't feel that my clothes come out as clean as they did with my old top loader. I have tried a variety of different cycles to get my clothes cleaner. Unfortunately, the normal cycle already takes about 60 minutes to run completely. If you go up to a heavy duty cycle you add on another 30 minutes per cycle!! I have 1 dog and 3 young children and I do multiple loads per week. I don't have time for 90 minute wash cycles!! The one perk of the these super-long, low water wash cycles is that your clothes come out pretty dry so your drying time with the Samsung is much shorter than when using a top loader. Overall, I gave the washer a 7 because it does and adequate job. However, for more set in stains, I haven't been that pleased and wash times are long!!



Samsung WF331ANW/XAA Washer

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